Research and Business development services are needed both in business circles and are widely used among the population planning their own projects and establishing economic processes in Asian countries.

Generally our clients can choose each of the individual or menu based annual service packages depending on the specifics and complexity of the set tasks.

Today we can offer the following types of services in the ECONOMIC segment:

  • marketing research and reviews of various industries in Asia;
  • client groups bridging and integrated consumers communications (channels development)
  • humanitarian and sociocultural research for the needs of international projects;
  • writing articles for the business development segment in Asia;
  • positioning and promotion of goods and services in Asia and Oceania;
  • coordination of crossregional investment and infrastructure projects;
  • media support, advertising, public relations and support of exhibition activities of companies;
  • formation of knowledge bases for the development of the Asian direction within the international departments of companies;
  • creation of corporate training and innovation centers for European enterprises focused on the Asian market.
  • working out a development and marketing strategy for European representations and subsidiaries with foreign capital in Asia, debugging effective interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • information support for innovative activities of European companies in Asia.
  • search, development and introduction of new alternative technological solutions in various market segments for clients from Europe, focused on Asia.

In addition, we are also ready to offer a number of support and development programs in the SOCIAL sector:

  • adaptation life programs for families and professionals going for a long stay in Asian countries;
  • socialization and harmonization of the ecological environment of European residents in Asia;
  • accompaniment of personal development and life cycles in the conditions of a long-term stay in Asia;
  • advising on the effective collection of available and open sources of information support for social life in Asia.
  • coach programs for personal development and cultural research in Asia, assistance in self-determination and the achievement of self-orienting goals.


  • Establishing and coordinating relations with specialized scientific and educational institutions and leading scientists in Asian countries.
  • Promoting the protection of European scientific, technical, humanitarian and emerging investment projects in China and the Chinese-speaking environment
  • Coordination of educational exchange programs, deepening of professional orientation and internship of European specialists in Asian countries


  • Coordination of European and Asian cooperation programs on modern climatology and ecology;
  • Coordination of environmental projects in the Pacific basin;
  • Specialization and technology development programs for European doctors (including on the basis of traditional oriental medicine)


  • Incorporation of Eastern styles of management, marketing and multilevel strategic and operational management in European enterprises with the Asian vector
  • Creation of innovation parks and valleys through integrated cooperation programs with individual countries of the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Development and modeling of technologies for effective remote interaction and process control of Europeans in Asian countries in times of crisis

The Price for annual Social Service Menu in R&BD segments ranges from 2400 to 7800 EUR paid in equal monthly installments. The service can be based both on customer’s or our affiliated additional capacities and functional facilities in different parts of the world (each project is rated at different item price).

For any of the above or related areas of service, please send a detailed request letter to info@setare-orientalis.com