Professionals & Path Realms Coaching

Having been working with listeners from various professional circles for more than 10 years, the Center’s founder has developed a program for the coaching development of ready-made specialists already in their vocation. Long-term scientific and educational work in China made it possible to take several important and key steps in relation to the harmonization and development of monolithic non-discrete approaches in connection with the professional, life and spiritual path of a person in the direction of the axis of longevity and prosperity.

Currently, teaching practices based on authentic Indo-Iranian pedagogical traditions are being actively introduced, which facilitate the perception of the process of growth and development by Europeans. A non-standard approach to life cycles and life situations, improvement of professional insight aimed at developing a balanced and near-natural paradigm for managing the processes of individual professional and organizational life, preserving the path and feelings of gratitude for the already passed and future periods of conscious choice to take our own part in recreating the patterns of functional homeostasis in modern social environment.

Currently, training is open and underway for the following categories of professions:

Doctors, Nurses & Managers in Healthcare

Pilots, Flight Attendants & Air Traffic Controllers

Actors & Artists


Civil Service Officials



Hospitality Providers

Professsional Contemporary Dancers

Florists & Gardeners

Stylists, Beauty Industry Professionals & Cosmetologists

Cruise Ship Attendants

The cost of 1 month professional coaching package is 200 EUR per 8 weekly sessions