European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Business Development is a leading Ukrainian center for providing its Western partners with lines of cooperation in Asian countries. In addition to educational, research, media expert, market development, translation, negotiation, representation and other business services and programs, we also work together to promote and bring the brands of our partners to Asian markets in all its regions.

We invite service providers and manufacturers to cooperate in the following areas:

Clinical and Alternative Medicine
(streaming of European clinics and private practice of doctors with consumers of medical services from Asia, cooperation in the field of traditional oriental medicine with leading clinics and rehabilitation bases in Asia. Particularly we operate on the market of Reproductive, Regenerative, Translational medicine. We invite doctors, general and narrow field clinics and hospitals, as well as medical service providers to integrate their programs and outstanding fields with our Center networking together the Asian Market for key programs in the fields.)

Jurisprudence, Commercial and Corporate Law
(internationalization of legal services and decisions of European colleges and their introduction to the Asian market in the development of trade and economic relations with the East)

International Trade
(Information, negotiation and coordination support for import and export companies in establishing an effective dialogue between small and medium-sized businesses and Asian countries. Assistance in overcoming conflicts and entering new markets and diversification. Resolving local issues with the participation of public authorities in Asia).

Infrastructure Development
(Assistance of the Center in the import of modern technologies for livelihoods, communication and informatization of cities on the leading technologies of Asia. Coordinating the adaptation and localization of technologies and solutions for the public, taking into account the specifics of the Asian mentality)

Financial programs
Cooperation with banking, auditing and rating financial institutions of the Euro-Atlantic region in positioning and ensuring the consumption of products and services in Asian markets. Working with investment circles in the East.

Restaurant Industry (Eastern and Traditional European Cuisine)

We invite the owners of restaurant chains in the field of international, tourist and cultural promotion of the best traditions of Asian cuisine in Europe and local flavor for foreign and distinguished guests, as well as celebrities. Dialogue of cultures is simply not possible without the aesthetics of taste at the end or in the midst of a busy business week. Our cultural workshops and programs to work with the tastes of consumers from different cultures for your staff and top management will help you avoid serious mistakes when setting up high-quality service at the crossroads of the sacred mentality of the East and local hospitality.

Cooperation programs for private airlines

Private aviation today surprises almost no one. On the contrary, it encourages only success and complete comfort in the air and on the ground. Our center offers cultural and communicative training of juniors and flight attendants to work with guests from the East. The ability to maintain a conversation on topical and important topics for the guest from the East, a map of business and high-class values โ€‹โ€‹of different Asian countries, a close connection of dialogue and interpersonal culture and prospects for further cooperation – all this we consider on earth. In addition, we will be happy to discuss the prospects for the implementation of educational programs for air passengers.