Oriental Life Coaching

Sometimes the moments and periods come in our life, when we strive not for knowledge, but for a certain inner completeness of properties, harmony with the world around us and inner growth in ourselves, overcoming various barriers in our life path.

It can be success or the search for the causes of burnout and imbalance, attempts to understand what patterns determine the expression of our personality in the world, the search and development of talents, work on ourselves in the face of highly dynamic changes.

Why does the new information that we receive and process for our needs not always work for us, and sometimes turns out to be ineffective, contributing little to our personal and organizational development?

Why does the experience of the most ancient and continuous written traditions and various spiritual practices of the East penetrate so deeply all aspects of our earthly and even transcendental existence?

What happens to human consciousness and human life, which is actively entering a new cultural circle through the study of specific foreign languages โ€‹โ€‹and contact with a specific eastern mentality? The connection between language and thinking in relation to human life, what is it?

For the first time in the practice of practical European orientalism, programs of coaching work with listeners, whose hearts and minds lie through Asia, the development of Eastern consciousness, the localization of life views through the enrichment of the patterns of the civilizational heritage of the East are presented.

The purpose of these raising programs is to help a person of nowadays to overcome the problems associated with a lack of understanding of what is lacking for complete happiness, all-round development, balance, improvement of the intellectual and psycho-social environment and other objects of our intellectual or emotional striving.

When people feel and practice positive changes in their life, they must remain themselves, be free and honest with themselves and others. To preserve a person, human life and well-being, health and inner harmony, to develop a unique gift to create – all these are the tasks that we currently face at work during sessions with listeners from more than 50 countries of the world.

We invite you to rediscover and hear yourself with us.
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