On the background of strengthening Ukraine’s international partnership and finalizing European integration since 2022, the “School of Oriental Linguistics and Conference Interpretation” has been operating on the basis of our Center. This special education project is dedicated to the training of leading experts in Europe and Americas in applied aspects of Oriental linguistics and skills of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in the pair of native / Oriental foreign language in the context of business and foreign economic activity.

We train and certify oriental practitioners with basic and in-depth knowledge of Oriental languages, Oriental and Applied Linguistics, various aspects of translation and interpretation practice and negotiations with partners in Asia, prepare students for free and confident work with the media and foreign language specialization. Today we offer the following areas of training:

Training is carried out by distance training and seasonally with a trip to the customer’s base in any country in Europe (except Russia and Belarus), North and South America.

We invite multinational corporations, educational and analytical centers, media holdings and news agencies, international trade associations, chambers of commerce, as well as governmental and intergovernmental institutions of our partner countries interested in training high-end professionals at their bases.

Parallelly with practical training, the humanitarian oriental studies education and market-oriented courses in business administration of projects in Asia can be organized as well.

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