Oriental Coaching

We are privileged present to you the program results of our long-term work of applied systematic research in the countries of the East (China, Iran, India) and Africa, including that one conducted in Ukraine on the basis of oriental schools and specialized university departments, as well as clinics, to find holistic ways to overcome life’s difficulties and develop personal consciousness in parallel with the spiritual enrichment of our inner life – the Oriental Coaching Program.

As you know, traditionally the East does not know psychology as such, because the entire modern method of scientific and practical psychology has been developed in the West. However, this does not at all mean the absence in the ecumenes of the most ancient civilizations of multi-level systems of calming the heart, appeasement, harmonization of personal living space and development of one’s own abilities through various aspects of spiritual contemplation, practiced for centuries by schools and masters.

On the basis of this heritage, we work with listeners in a modern context, without turning them into adherents of any of these schools and trends. In all this, as practicing orientalists and educators, we extract exclusively the medicine of the unity of the heart and mind, which should be united in what they strive for in this beautiful world.

In our application form below, you can choose a number of topical areas of social and humanitarian work of our Center with people from different cultures. In particular, we actively support families with urgent problems of family planning, as well as run female programs, along with programs for personal and business development.

In order to understand whether this or that program is suitable for you, we have prepared for you an algorithm for obtaining an initial and completely free 2-week test assistance in test mode. After that, according to your individual compiled oriental coaching program, we will begin full-fledged work with you in various problematic and sensitive areas of your life until complete and inevitable victory and overcoming all barriers that may prevent us from living a full and harmonious life.

We will be glad to see happiness in your eyes with fulfilled hope, both on regular online and our possible offsite cyclic sessions in any part of the world (can be arranged at your request).

Take care of yourself and the people you love, and let all the best and strongest legacy of the past in meditations and practices, the legacy of the path of humanity will help you find joy and peace, find inspiration in the fact that life by now still has been perfected in its fullness of true and nurturing colors.

Department of Social Coaching Programs

Email for inquiries and private letters: letstalk@setare-orientalis.com