Our Mission

European Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development (ECOHAB) is the first Pan-European and associate institutional project in the sphere of applied Orientalism education and integrated Asia business development founded in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the 21st century Ukraine has actively raised world known associate and high class professionals in oriental humanities, most of whom devote great part of their life both living and working in Asia, as well as building up a whole variety of complex market bridges in wide-range aspects of economic, scientific, humanitarian, cooperation and cultural exchange.

Through the course of strengthening closer ties with the rest of Europe, both with and outside of European Union the Center’s mission is to share the unprecedented and precious experience Asia path heritage in interpreting, training and promoting the innovative paths and approaches towards establishing effective business platforms of operating in the East and collaborating with the states somewhat or to a quite large extent different from those ones of European mentality which earlier caused lots of projects in Asia to close, fail or leave the directions of investments and business development. We focus on setting up production and highly functional trade lines in the third millennium, but also invite more Asian guests who would be highly interested to discover and continuously grow in relations with Europeans.

The Center operates on the following levels and directions of program development:

  • Oriental Linguistic & Conference Interpretation Training (including the the interpretation service provision)
  • Contemporary & Classic Oriental Education
  • MBA Education with an emphasis on Asia markets development and the best of business practices
  • Business Development & Market Research for Asia-Pacific & Indo-Pacific Cooperation
  • Transformational Oriental Coaching
  • Public, Institutional & Visiting Lectureship
  • Business Administration Consulting

With our trusted partners we also actively help with establishing, coordinating the needed contacts and cooperation lines in the Middle East, Central Asia as well Pacific Asia & Oceania. While working with individuals, corporate representatives, business owners and teams, we also invite interested education institutions, expert and analytical centers, business associations as well as international mass-media for cooperation and highlighting the current state and upcoming perspectives on our common cross regional path raising awareness in transformations in the new epoch of intensive interregional exchange and realms, while facing common challenges in present day international relations.