Ksenia Tomilenko (Family Psychologist, Art & Fairy Tale Therapist)

Hello everyone!

My name is Ksenia Tomilenko

I am a family psychologist, art therapist, fairy tale therapist. The author of the deck of metaphorical associative cards “Animal Totems” which are aimed at working with human gene keys.

For seven years now I have been working as a psychologist in the direction of fairy tale therapy of children’s problems, but this all smoothly spilled over to work with the shadow aspects of the personality, since all programs are laid down in our body through the birth canals, attitudes, and social norms.

Human has complex mechanics. We can consider it comprehensively, but we all have a base of resources and shadow aspects, with the help of this knowledge, you can accumulate your life.

Education and professional activities

My first higher education is technical (University of Civil Engineering and Architecture)

2014 – Second Higher Faculty of Aviation Psychology (National Aviation University)

Psychologist by profession

Additional courses:

2015 Fairy Tale Therapy of children’s problems

2017 Sand therapy in psychological work with children

2018 Metaphorical associative cards – dialogue with the subconscious

2018 Social and Emotional Competence 21st Century:

  • – violence prevention
  • – social and emotional education
  • – development of special features
  • – bad habits prevention
  • – service for the society
  • – academic achievements

2019 Art therapy in working with children. Basic principles

2019 Web Design Basics

2021 “Modern Care For the Family”

Work experience:

2014 – kindergarten teacher

2015 – “Center for Creative Development” till present
2017 – art teacher, psychologist, Ahmadet clinic (with HIV-AIDS-infected children) – art accompaniment and creative leisure.
2019 – Psychologist at the College of Information Technology

Practical skills

During my period as a psychologist, I noticed that it is constantly necessary to learn modern technologies, new methods, since our quantum reality is changing very quickly. But the method of therapy through metaphor and art is healing, which I have repeatedly observed in the processes of my work.

Therefore, highlighting its main uniqueness in the feeling of the client’s request, and providing exactly the technique that will be relevant at this moment for healing. I have no such a concept as a problem. There are negative scenarios, an unacceptable shadow, and a lot of unnecessary old programs – all this is revealed and, when the clients are ready, they are transformed.

I call my work fast efficient and very creative.

“No matter what world you live in,
it matters what kind of world lives in you

Consultation Email: tk_art01@setare-orientalis.com

You are welcome to find me in Instagram