Humanities Research

Our Center conducts interdisciplinary humanitarian and experimental research in key areas of Oriental Studies. For many years we have been conducting scientific and practical work in the humanitarian areas, maintaining contacts with our partners in the countries of the East and forming objective expert assessments of the processes that we see in the modern global context in the form of lectures, interviews, workshops and applied training for students of our center. Below are the main current directions of our scientific and educational work for 2022-2025.

We invite specialized and interested universities and educational centers of the West, as well as analytical centers and specialized publications to cooperate in the field of popularization and education of European and Western inhabitants of modern humanitarian Oriental Studies in the applied context. We also invite Western companies that form their corporate culture on the basis of cooperation contacts with Asia & Africa.


You can choose one of the following available commercial services with our Center:

Academic Education

Service ItemDescriptionPrice
Thematic lectures, corporate seminars and transcultural workshops on oriental studies for companies focused on Asian marketsThe service is provided at the corporate request of small, medium and large enterprises in any market segment, where there is a planned work with an Asian partner to deepen cooperation.200-500 EUR / Meeting
(2 hours)
Support of events with a speech on topical issues of the EastAt the request of the event organizers with the presented program and coordination of focal points. Specificity: mass audience (language: English)300-700 EUR / Speech
Adaptive Lecture Course in the field of Oriental StudiesAt the request of private and public educational institutions, as well as expert-analytical centers on the terms of cooperation.50-75 EUR / Lecture

Applied Oriental Research

Service ItemDescriptionPrice
Expert research on any profile or interdisciplinary oriental studies topic. At the request of European institutions and organizations, including private companies and graduate students.From 300 EUR / cycleitem (paper), depending on the scope.
Oriental expertise in scientific experimental research and innovative developments.Oriental expertise is invited at the invitation of research institutions and technological and innovation hubs of Europe, which are focused on the Asian vector of cooperation.From 3000 EUR / project
Expeditionary field research as part of working groups in AsiaAt the request of scientific associations in the framework of significant for the world community and the scientific world expeditionary research projects in Asia, Africa and Oceania.From 5000 EUR / Project cycle

Media Expertise

Service ItemDescriptionPrice
Writing material for mass media documentaries on interdisciplinary and narrow oriental studies topics.At the request of European news agencies and media corporations.From 1000 EUR per episode
Reading of the author’s lecture material, interviews on media for use in the media and specialized publications (Oriental Problematics)At the request of European news agencies and media corporations.From 1000 EUR / Item
Author’s speeches on the topic of Oriental Studies live on European TV channels.To order of TV channels and TV and radio companiesFrom 500 EUR

Regional Consultancy

Service ItemDescriptionPrice
Regional analysis of international relations in the Asia-Pacific Region, Africa & Oceania.At the request of non-governmental institutions of the European UnionFrom 2000 EUR / article
Subscriber service of customers in thematic areas of regional mass and specialized professional publications (Asia, Africa and Oceania)At the request of non-governmental institutions of the European UnionFrom 5000 EUR / month
Regional marketing research for medium and large enterprises in the European Union (Asia-Pacific, Africa and Oceania)At the Request of Enterprises’ Board of Directors and delegated Top ManagementFrom 2000 EUR / Commercial Report

Asia Relations Coordination

Service ItemDescriptionPrice
Establishing and ensuring high-level cooperation ties in Asian countries.At the request and order of European enterprises.From 2000 EUR / Project Cycle
Negotiation support with the elements of oriental consulting for enterprises, business mediation, coordination of responsible vector areas (complex cases of working with contractors in Asia)At the request and order of European enterprises.From 2000 EUR / Project Cycle
Building business networks in Asia and Oceania for corporate clients.At the request and order of European enterprises.From 5000 EUR per functioning network

In 2022, by invitation of our friends from UNESCO we conduct our work from India.




ASH 01 Modern Oriental Cultures & the Asian Corner of the World Order Transformations

ASH 02 Comparative and Contrastive Studies of the Oriental Regions: Socio-Cultural, Economic, Diplomatic and Scientific-Educational Dimensions

ASH 03 Oriental Traditions of Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus

ASH 04 Modern Ethnology of the East, Diversity of Cultures and Transmigration Processes

ASH 05 Modern Archeology of the East and its influence on the paradigms of studying the civilizations of Asia and Africa

ASH 06 Folklore Symbolism and Cultural Diplomacy of Asian Countries.

ASH 07 Festive Arts of the Modern East

ASH 08 Yatharth Yoga, Zen Buddhism & Taoism: reconstructive and therapeutic research. Correction of karmic chains, harmonization of a human with environment. The path of longevity

ASH 09 Contemporary literary discourses of the East

ASH 10 Financial Centers of the Asia-Pacific Region: Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo. Modern economic research


IR01 Geography & Nature

IR02 History of Iran

IR03 Iranian Religions and Rituals

IR04 Iranian Art & Architecture

IR05 Culture & Customs

IR06 Contemporary Iran

IR07 Persian Language & Literature

IR08 Civilizations of Iran & The Cultural Heritage of Central Asia

IR09 Iranians in Immigration

IR10 Revival of Pre-Islamic Heritage of Iran


IN01 Sanskrit and Textual Studies

IN02 Vedic Science & Transcendent Research

IN03 Classical Indian Literature & the Main Philosophical Problems

IN04 Comparative Sociology of India

IN05 Linguistic & Cultural Pictures of the World in India

IN06 Contemporary Literature in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Nepali

IN07 Marriage and Sexual Culture in Modern India

IN08 Family Education and Family Values in India

IN09 Indian Education & Enlightenment

IN10 India and the World


SN01 History of Chinese Dynasties

SN02 History of Chinese Diplomacy in Asia

SN03 Classical Chinese literature and ancient Chinese exegesis

SN04 The Connection Between the Visible and the Illusory World of the Chinese

SN05 The Philosophy of Chinese Entrepreneurship and the Business Culture of the Chinese

SN06 Global Chinese Diasporas and Chinatowns

SN07 Chinese Fashion and Modern Lifestyle in Megacities

SN08 Comparative Social Studies of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau

SN09 Inner Mongolian-, Tibetan-, and Uighur-Chinese Sociocultural Studies

SN10 Restorative Wushu Techniques, Longevity Practices and Meditative Directions of Human Spiritual and Personal Development


JP01 Traditional and modern codes of ethics of the Japanese

JP02 Life style and business culture of the Japanese nobility. Companies and ัorporations of ancient families.

JP03 Philosophy of life and spirituality in the traditional ceremonial of the Japanese

JP04 The inner world and psychology of a woman in modern Japanese society. The manifestation of harmony in big and small, simple and complex.

JP05 History of Japanese fashion. Newest Time. Design Synchronization in a Global Context

JP06 Erotic art and sexuality in Japan and China. Comparative studies of the reproductive culture of the Far East.

JP07 Japanese cuisine and reception of VIP guests. A culture of hospitality at a high and highest level.

JP08 Love poetry in Japan as a means of communication. Linguistic analysis of internal structures.

JP09 The invisible world of the Japanese. The Path of Shinto and Transpersonal Transformation of Consciousness

JP10 Smart life of modern Japanese. Personal high-tech space diversity of human being in the third millennium. Planetary scale advancement signals from Japanese islands.

Mongolian Studies

MN01 Modern Mongolian Design: Fashion, Style, Interior

MN02 Traditional Mongolian Architecture & Decorative Arts

MN03 Performing Arts of Modern Mongolia

MN04 Mongolian Aesthetics & Cosmetology, Female Beauty

MN05 Traditional Mongolian Cuisine & Ceremonial

MN06 Historical Memory of Mongolia and Prominent Figures of Statehood

MN07 Mongolia and Business Without Borders. Corporate Culture of Mongolian Brands

MN08 Prospects for European-Mongolian Cooperation

MN09 The Role and Value of Mongolia in the Processes of the Modern World Order

MN10 In the Footsteps of Mongolian Civilization: China, Central Asia, the Silk Road

We invite everyone interested in establishing and maintaining cooperation contacts with these countries through educational programs. For further inquiry please send us a letter or your requests to the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences Research: