Human Resource Management

Section 1 Personnel as an object of management

Section 2 Fundamentals of human resource management

Section 3 The concept of human resource management in an organization

Seection 4 Effective HRM Strategies

Section 5 Human resource management system

Section 6 Corporate terminization of “Human resource management”

Section 7 Personnel policies

Section 8 Normative-methodological and legal support of the management system

Section 9 Protocol regulation of managers’ activities

Section 10 Organization of human resources activities at the enterprise

Section 11 Personnel turnover management

Section 12 Regulation of remuneration. Grading in the personnel management system

Section 13 Motivational management

Section 14 Assessment of employees during selection

Section 15 Competency model

Section 16 Career guidance. Organization of training.

Section 17 Participants and people of the project. What and who is inside the project and the project team.

Section 18 Professional unsuitability

Section 19 Philosophy of personnel management.

Section 20 Public relations in the field of management.