Grow with Life Programs

The development of any skills in their combination with knowledge and abilities is closely bordered by our consciousness and emotional picture of our personality, our perception of the world around us. Yes, one of the causes of congestion on our path to success and balance is our attitude to reality, the environment around us and the events that are engraved in our brain.

It turns out that a change in thinking and the merging of values โ€‹โ€‹and guidelines can not only significantly change our destiny and accelerate the inevitable success in our lives. After all, first of all we begin to notice the still invisible facets and infinity of the Universe.

The centuries-old traditions of China and India to work with their own inner world and its harmonization with the environment carry invaluable experience in solving many problems in our lives and the transition to a new stage of spiritual and emotional development of our own personality.

Grow With Life programs are designed to help people find support in themselves and other people, to feel oneness with nature and all living things, as well as to restore the balance between nature-supporting and unnecessary and unnecessary (ineffective) programs.

In contrast to the professional, this class of life coaching is focused on individual work with people of different vocations during different stages and states of life in conditions of both high and measured variability.

Today we work on the following areas of preparation:

1. Changing Your Life12 sessions / 6 weeks
2. Healing Your Life12 sessions / 6 weeks
3. Finding Your Happiness12 sessions / 6 weeks
4. Renewing Your Balance12 sessions / 6 weeks
5. Be the Host of Your Own Life12 sessions / 6 weeks
6. Potential Beyond the Limits12 sessions / 6 weeks
7, Skill Bouquet of My Life12 sessions / 6 weeks
8. My Global Success – what it means..12 sessions / 6 weeks
Price for the Program:360 EUR

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