First time oriental MBA course in Europe:”Stylistics of Chinese Management and Branding in PRC”

Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development invites active international professionals for regional market oriented trainings, workshops and lecture courses dedicated to business and culture in Asia.

This time I am happy to present a 10 lecture session course for Western professionals, business development managers and entrepreneurs planning to expand or optimize their work and cooperation in China.

Chinese-style management is a people-oriented thinking, and it emphasizes people-oriented. It uses a three-pointed way of thinking when dealing with things. The focus of management is on “people”, who have a strong interpersonal relationship, so the process of management is to “repair oneself and calm people”. The flexibility is very strong, the system is very flexible, it can be balanced outside the law, and rely on corporate culture to restrain employees.

Chinese brands have just started, and in the next 10 to 20 years, they will be on the right track and great brands will emerge. Seeing the other side of Chinese brands, this side is not illuminated by the spotlight, but it is a true portrayal of most Chinese companies. Chinese companies’ brand awareness may be weaker than you think. When you are scrutinizing every word in a sentence; detailing every detail of the picture; repeatedly checking whether the creativity is perfect; thinking deeply about whether the communication strategy is efficient; most Chinese companies’ cognition of the brand will break your imagination.

For more information and insight directions regarding the program please apply for a free or group presentation where you also can ask all questions and possibly adapt the program to your business needs.

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Petro Rybalchenko