Our Center is pleased to offer you comprehensive and specialized courses of broad and narrow profile humanitarian and multipurpose language and business training in various aspects of Practical Oriental Studies (POS), during or after which we have the opportunity to carry out development projects, coordinate operational and provide subscription services to all our listeners in different countries.

In practice, it looks like students can immerse themselves with us not only in various fundamental complexes of the necessary orientational training, but also discuss complex or specific issues related to the integration of social and business processes into the Asian realm, especially with regard to issues of relationships, adaptation and survival of directions in the host country of the region being studied.

All of our programs can be provided with or without the necessary business support for specific projects. Our goal is not only to help a novice manager or professional to effectively lead their project in a profiling country or region, speak the local language and understand the mentality of local residents. We pay special attention to the cultivation of talented and creative entrepreneurs or individuals who, by making independent decisions in dealing with distant cultures, will one day and very soon be able to do what they love, absorbing the experience and heritage of original civilizations with a predominant traditional archetype that dates back to the ancient times of the origin of man on earth and his comprehension of the laws of the world particular and the Universe in general.

We provide practical training and lectureship for predominantly European students in the following areas:

Oriental Languages and Comparative Linguistic training from zero level,

Translation & Interpretation into and from oriental languages to native European tongues and dialects,

Religious Studies and Mental Practice lectures,

Traditional Medicine Thought & Longevity Techniques Studies,

All possible literary forms of classic and contemporary oriental texts,

Historic studies in view of present day international relations,

Philosophy and Psychology of the East,

Traditional and Contemporary Oriental Arts,

Etiquette and modern cultural and business diplomacy,

Applied studies in Economic and Legal cultures, Political Systems of the East,

Social organization in large cities and metropolitan areas of Asia,

Business cultures and entrepreneurship environment,

Principles and practice of social and corporate partnership.

Social networks, mass media and journalism in present day Asia

We welcome both individual, group listeners as well as faculty students of schools and universities throughout all Europe for join or inquiry any of our Center’s programs.