European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Business Development is a combination of modern educational, scientific and practical areas of work, methods and technologies in the conditions of deepening Europeans of regional cooperation with Asia countries.

On the basis of our center there are three main areas, which can help you deepen your knowledge, practical skills and functional competences by taking our programs and using our services in the territory of all European countries.

Currently we provide a solid training as well as scientific and regional expertise in the following areas:

You can choose any of these areas for further organization of your own development in your free time or in parallel with the new goals and life challenges. We will be very happy to help you realize your cherished dream – to build your own bridge to Asia and at the same time maintain peace of mind and longevity.

If you haven’t seen anything of what you actually need at this moment please reach us out for possible making for you an individual study program. If your required field has not yet been represented in our many we will help you with our VIP Training Offer. Please send us a letter to

Stay with us grow with us, and believe in yourself as we believe in you!