Discoursive Specialization Course for Language Interpreters

In order to be able to translate fluently, it is not enough to know 2 languages โ€‹โ€‹or have the appropriate qualifications for their levels of proficiency. Because the profession or function of a translator / interpreter primarily involves the practice of accurately reproducing the information encoded by the communicator in a particular bilingual field.

Thus, in addition to the primitive knowledge of industry working terminology and translation styles, the issue of professional specialization of a translator in a specific dialogic discourse for a specific field or professional circle, where this translation will be used, comes to the fore.

As a content of the “Discursive Specialization Course for Language Interpreters”, our School offers 5 modular training to provide techniques and tools that will help consolidate and deepen background knowledge of a particular field for further translation work in 1 main and 2 additional areas. At the student’s choice, it can be any field of modern well-known or narrow specialties, interdisciplinary field or branch of emerging technologies.

Program of Training

Module 1 “Fundamentals of general, specialized and interdisciplinary erudition of an interpreter” (12 hours)

Module 2 “Techniques, tools and means for interpretational processing of textual, contextual and metatext information” (12 hours)

Module 3 “Interpretation Stylistics and Innovative Areas of Selected Areas of Specialization” (12 hours)

Module 4 “Practice of specialized interpretation” (36 hours)

Module 5 “Culture and organization of work at different levels of complexity of specialized interpretation” (6 hours)

Online classroom practice: online zoom practical interactive individual or group sessions

Self practice: home-task based course advancement exercises & the speakerโ€™s toolkit deployment

Exam: upon the completion of each module for certification (A, B, C, D grade system by 100 point-scale to be indicated in the certification)

Certification: Electronic & Printed Certificate of Completion (sent by mail)

Recommendations: 2 Letters of Recommendation provided (1 on behalf of OLCI TRAINING (UA) , 1 on behalf of ECOHAB for further career advancement).

Bonuses: Guaranteed 10% discount for all next courses, +free participation in all our public lectures, workshops & events.

Consultations and information support contact: info@setare-orientalis.com

Application contact: interpreter@setare-orientalis.com