Course of Interpretation from EU Languages into Chinese, Japanese, Hindi & Farsi, L1-3

Today, it is quite real and possible on the basis of OLCIT UA to train the listeners of all ages (starting from 16) in the basics of interpretation from European to Oriental Language, regardless of the country of origin and citizenship of students in the Western Hemisphere.

We invite everyone who is interested in joining or testing their talents in the field of EU-Asia cooperation to a basic 3-level consecutive interpreting training, regardless of your level of education, social background or experience in developing language skills.

Sometimes English is not relevant or desirable for all listeners as a practice of understanding and transmitting what is said in a foreign language. Therefore, today we have the opportunity to prepare for a full-fledged dialogue with the countries of the East speakers of more than 30 languages โ€‹โ€‹of the West. You will see a list of them in the form of a request for training below.

We work on a three-level training scheme, starting with simple vocabulary and simple everyday sentences and gradually moving to more complex syntactic structures. Upon completion of these courses, students can continue training in one of the proposed translation specializations in accordance with their professional and personal interests, as well as current business tasks.

Graduation from our program involves the practical implementation of the following skills:

  • basic translation support on social issues (for example, relatives of international couples in everyday communication, collective domestic situations and incidents when meeting with foreigners, establishing the necessary social contacts at events, etc.);
  • skills of a travel guide-interpreter when receiving guests from the East in their home country (eg medical, business or cultural tourism, informal part of short-term business visits, etc.);
  • Competent communicative and intellectual base for further professional growth with the use of translation skills

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Before & after the first FREE demo training we will answer all your questions.