Contemporary China (Relations & Cooperation)

In the conditions of rapid and dynamic globalization processes, China, as a geopolitically important actor and partner of the most influential countries in the world, has reached the apogee of its economic development and the scale of transregional and even extraorbital space programs and projects.

The China as we saw it in the natural environment 10 years ago has changed a lot, it has not only brightened up, but also become much more interesting to visit.

The global pandemic, which began “from China”, also made adjustments to this picture. It also greatly affected the nature and duration of Chinese contacts both abroad and with local foreigners.

At the social level, a significant contribution has been made by European labor and business migrants who have worked in China in recent years, as well as by Euro-Chinese families who have brought up a new generation of diplomats and delegation heads for whom both European and Chinese have become completely natural and native in order to get involved in optimizing and solving the problems of cooperation that arise amid the turbulent realities on the Eurasian continent.

Thousands of European projects in different countries today need a clear and highly promising vision for Euro-Chinese cooperation, as a guarantee of success and prosperity in the advanced areas of high-tech development.

Working in this and the affiliated environment requires serious up-to-date training that would demonstrate a deep awareness and timely information of experts and specialists in various fields about the processes that are taking place, maturing or emerging or fading in China.

In the selected scientific and pedagogical traditions of the modern sinological school of Ukraine, which actively participates in the institutions of modern European education together with partners, we will get acquainted with a variety of interesting Chinese Studies programs aimed at deepening and focusing cooperation with China in various fields.

Studying China together with students from different countries, our Center works in the following areas of education in the field of accumulation of knowledge and experience about the modern China:

Modern business schools of ChinaContemporary Chinese music, culture and art
Administration within the New Silk Road programsInvestment relations between Europe and China
China’s space programs and their futureChina and world energy
Fashion, style, design and architecture of modern ChinaModern Chinese cuisine
The practice of marriages with the Chinese, modern social trendsModern Chinese cinema, world achievements
Small, medium and large business of European entrepreneurs in ChinaModern Chinese etiquette and business protocol
Chinese media and their impact on the global information spaceProjects in the Asia-Pacific Region
Features and lifestyle of overseas Chinese settlementsCareer and professional development of Europeans in China. Challenges and prospects
Modern Chinese Medicine and Life SciencesFeatures of Chinese humor and mass entertainment
Local cultural geography guide of modern ChinaSpiritual shrines of China
The phenomenon of the Chinese with unique opportunities and talentsModern martial arts schools of China
Modern source studies of ChinaFeatures of Westernization of China: current trends and programs

European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Cooperation Development welcomes individuals and enterprises to cooperate in highlighting the above mentioned aspects for commercial, non-governmental and intergovernmental needs. We can also offer you a series of lectures, workshops, trainings and presentations in accordance with your organizational or private needs.

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