VIP Partners Zone

The VIP Partnership Program is designed for exclusive talents in their fields to promote personalized brands and coordinate innovative development programs implemented by partners.

We invite people from different professional orientations and assist in promoting not only their name and services, but also help focus their high-quality and qualified entry into Asian markets.

As a rule, all our partners in one way or another in their daily activities are connected with the East and we are sincerely glad to make every effort to continuously deepen these ties.

You can leave applications for participation in the VIP-partnership program by writing to us a personal message on the network or by email, telling us about yourself, your path and your expectations for further development, especially if your activity goes beyond the framework of any corporate organization as a young entrepreneur.

Our production is about maintaining talents and, if necessary, we are ready to light the stars, which is why our center is called Setare Orientalis – we raise and preserve the light of the stars in the East.