Coaching for Polyglots & Language Learners

Throughout our daily lives, whether traveling, attending various training courses or language centers, or consciously and unconsciously associating our lives with a foreign language environment, we occasionally notice changes in our lives. These changes affect not only us and our loved ones, our well-being, our career, our outlook, our spiritual values, but even our perceptions of reality or the environment. Determining the vector of linguistic self-expression and self-realization for life can cause one or another cyclical phenomena and culturally relevant processes on the map of our travels on a lonely planet. And this is the first motive to draw our attention to the nature of the acquired language skills: our own destiny.

The second aspect of the development of the student or the listener of a foreign language course is the measurability of comprehensive and cultural socio-linguistic progress towards integration or borrowing patterns of well-being, based on individual or combined altogether all continents of our planet. That is, the more we learn and the more we open horizons, the greater the risk of getting lost in the big world and losing focal point is, because a solid language training requires the unity of different skills, knowledge and abilities that require time, effort, and sometimes a lot of personal and organizational resources. Thus, we approach the question of the concentration between the specialization and actualization of language training, taking into account the specifics and structure of the language itself, and especially the mentality of its native speakers.

Finally, it is an individual methodological component, which is the basis of our linguistic coaching sessions offered by our center, where due to a deep understanding of the features of any of the living oriental languages, the specifics of their reflection of human mentality and material, spiritual and intellectual culture we begin to clearly understand for ourselves exactly how, where exactly, when and on what schedule of self-organization we should train our multilingualism on a daily basis, and whether it is necessary to train it at all.

Your coach will be happy to help you understand these complex connections and accompany you on the path of success, balance, mastery of languages โ€‹โ€‹in any quantitative proportions, and most importantly to preserve your personality, purpose and destiny, constantly enriching your life experience in growth. and gains at a sustainable level.

At present moment we offer coaching sessions to all students of world educational institutions or the level of self-training or professional certification of the program of practical applied and individual coaching in the following languages:

Language FamilyMost Often LearntForm & Duration
Indo-Iranian languagesHindi, FarsiIndividual / Group
In-Course / Off-Course
Dravidian languagesTelugu, TamilIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Sino-Tibetan languagesMandarin, CantoneseIndividual / Group
In-Course / Off-Course
Altaic languagesJapanese, TurkishIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Mon-Khmer languagesKhmer, VietnameseIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Polynesian LanguagesFijian, SamoanIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Taiโ€“Kadai LanguagesThai, LaoIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Semitic languagesArabic, HebrewIndividual /In-Course / Off-Course
Price:Individual – 30 eur / sessionGroup – 20 eur / session

“Free curiosity is much more important for learning a language than a formidable necessity.”
(Saint Augustine)