Classic Chinese Humanities Education (Mentality & Civilization)

By the request of students, lecture session can be optionally chosen according to the general and special profile of Classical Sinology. Recommended for study by anyone planning serious work with China for long periods of time (5 or more years).

Year A General Training

Course No. Course Name
A01Chinese Literature (by Dynasties)
A02Comparative Study of Putonghua & Chinese Dialects
A03Chinese Buddhology
A04Taoism Studies
A05Chinese History (by Dynasties)
A06Sinology & Management
A07Sinology & Entrepreneurship
A08Traditional Chinese Medicine & Longevity Studies
A09Martial Arts of China (Wushu)
A10Introduction to Sinology
A11Classic Chinese Poetry
A12Chinese Hieroglyphic Studies
A13Research Methods in Sinology & Organization of Chinese Studies
A14Classic Chinese Language (Ancient Chinese)
A15History of Chinese Thought
A16Applied Chinese Composition (Classic Styles & Genres)
A17Chinese Textology & Exegetics
A18Lun Yu, Mengzi, Xunzi (exegesis)
A19Classic Chinese Prose
A20Classic Chinese Drama & Theatre
A21Anthology of Classic Chinese Literature
A22Classic Chinese Literature & Cinema Today
A23Chinese Folklore
A24Chinese Calligraphy Intelligence
A25Sinology Source Studies
A26Classic Chinese Stories & Tales
A27Classic Sinology & Contemporary Journalism
A28Laozi, Zhuangzi, Liezi (exegesis)
A29Data processing and software applications in Sinology
A30Document Digitization and Editing Applications in Sinology
A31Buddhism, Daoism & Confucianism Literature of Chinese
A32Grammar, Stylistics & Lexicology of Classic Chinese Language
A33Han Feizi & Mozi (exegesis)
A35Wenxin Diaolong (exegesis)
A36Chinese Mythology
A37History of Chinese Philosophy
A38History of Chinese Classics
A39History of Chinese Philosophy
A40Pre-Qin classics, cultural creativity & Management
A41Wei & Jin Metaphysics
A42History of Confucianism
A43Classic Chinese Bibliography
A44The Book of Changes (exegesis)
A45Cultural Chinese Creativity and Marketing

Year B Special Training

Course No. Course Name
B01Ancient Books Proofreading Research
B02Research methods on Chinese Humanities & Social Sciences
B03Confucian Monograph Readings
B04Japanese Sinology
B05Integrated Chinese Dynasty Studies
B06Selected Taoism Readings
B07Stylistics of Chinese Poetry
B08Screenwriting Research
B09Literature & Gender Studies
B10Tang Dynasty Poetry
B11Classic Literature & Communications in China
B12Japanese & Korean Confucianism
B13Private Secrets of Imperial Palaces in Ancient China
B14History of Chinese Science
B15Comparative Novel Studies (by Dynasties)
B16History of Chinese Aesthetics
B17Pre-Qin Philosophers and Scholars
B18Yuan, Ming & Qing Dynasties Opera
B19Aboriginal Mythology of Non-Sinitic Chinese Tribes
B20Study of Non-Paper Hieroglyphic Inscriptions
B21Shanhaijing Mythology (the Book of River & Mountains)
B22Dreams Interpretation in Ancient China
B23Classic Thought of Strategy and Tactics of Martial Philosophy
B24Professional Philosophies of Ancient China (For Talents)
B25History of Chinese Art
B26Traditional China Today
B27Traditional Roots of Chinese Marriage
B28The Art of Chinese Meditation (Mastership & Aprenticeship All in One)
B29Erotic Genre of Chinese Literature: What and Why it Was Going On?
B30What Comes Before and After Life in Chinese Civilization

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