Brand Management

Section 1 Meaning of Brand

Section 2 Brand Management

Section 3 Meaning of Design

Section 4 Design Management (Design Management)

Section 5 Brand Features

Section 6 The Importance of Brand Section Seven Evaluation of Brand Development Capability

Section 1 Brand Core Price Planning

Section 2 Brand Master Plan

Section 3 Brand Team Planning

Section 4 Brand Design Team Planning

Section 5 Product Planning

Section 6 Brand Strategy Planning

Section 1 Practice Brand Design Work and Brand Management

Section 2 Brand Style Design

Section 3 Brand Identity System

Section 4 Brand Story

Section 5 Consumer Experience Design

Section 1 Introduction to Marketing Brand

Section 2 Media Marketing

Section 3 Topic Marketing

Section 4 Disaster Marketing

Section 5 Internet Marketing

Section 6 Sports Marketing

Section 7 Certification, Participation, Competition

Week 8 Word of Mouth Marketing

Section 1 Brand Diagnosis

Section 2 Brand Strategy

Section 3 Brand Positioning

Section 4 Brand Access

Section 5 Brand Strategy Planning

Section 6 Brand Reengineering

Section 7 Brand Strategy under the Financial Tsunami

Section 1 External Brand Communication

Section 2 Brand Advertising

Section 3 Internal Brand Communication

Section 1 Brand Value Calculation

Section 2 Brand Equity

Section 3 Sustainable Brands

Section 1 Brand Crisis

Section 2 Brand Crisis Prevention

Section 3 Brand Crisis Management

Section 4 Brand Crisis Communication

Section 1 Planning Brand Internationalization

Section 2 International Channels

Section 3 Brands and Market Entry Strategies

Section 4 International Marketing Brands