BMS02 Business Leadership & Chinese Management Culture

Course overview

All big businessmen need to make the people strong for the national economy. The development of China depends on the strength and development of large enterprises and groups that stand out in various industries; the continuous growth of enterprises depends on their own pattern and management literacy level of corporate leaders. The improvement of learning is very important! This course uses ancient metaphors for the present and cites classics combine international cutting-edge management concepts and the latest practice of Chinese enterprise management, adheres to the long humanistic tradition, deepest academic thoughts and profound cultural heritage, and relies on our Center’s knowledge innovation platform to help future business leaders operate or improve their business in China. Be a classmate with elite leaders throughout the world, get a glimpse of the future, and plan countermeasures for the era of great changes!


Present or future enterprise leaders, general managers, and directors of various industries.

Course Content

Duration: flexible

Certification: YES

Forms of Learning: Interactive Online or Correspondence