BMS01 Oriental Management Basics


The course aspects witnessed the growth process of almost all Japanese managers from business personnel to management personnel, and has enjoyed a good reputation in Japan & China for many years. The course fully reflects the perfect combination of “Western management theory” and “Eastern management practice”.

Many people describe “management” as an “art”. The so-called “art” is elusive and ill-defined meaning. Therefore, for so many years, many managers have consistently followed the management method of “crossing the river by feeling the stones” and “determining by heart”. “ORIENTAL MANAGEMENT BASICS OMB” breaks everyone’s assumptions about management. It tells us that “management is a science, and there are principles and principles to follow”. It is precisely because most people do not fully grasp the principles of management, that even with many years of practical management experience, are still hovering above the basic threshold of management.

“ORIENTAL MANAGEMENT BASICS OMB” is a compulsory course for managers, and the theoretical framework adopted is an easy-to-understand matrix diagram. Under the overall theoretical framework, the main content of OMB is divided into 5 Modules:

Module 1 Management Fundamentals

The OMB course requires managers to clarify the difference between being a “manager”, recognize the role of managers, and understand the importance of managers in achieving goals, creating value, and improving changes before learning management theory, knowledge, and effective skills.

Module 2 Work Management

Managers are a key factor in achieving organizational goals. The course starts from the 5 basic functions of management and strengthens managers’ & management skills.

Module 3 Job Improvement

In work improvement, it is proposed that managers should play a considerable role in problem solving and continuous improvement. This part of the content is to further strengthen the ability of managers on the basis of “work management”.

Module 4 Employee Relations

The OMB course emphasizes the management ability of personnel. It emphasizes the importance of “people” and points out that managers should establish a good cooperative relationship with their subordinate employees.

Module 5 Nurturing Subordinates

The OMB course emphasizes the important role of cultivating subordinates in management effectiveness. This part will help managers understand and master a series of management skills in cultivating subordinates.

Western Theory

The course of “Oriental Management Basics, OMB” fully reflects the perfect combination of “Western management theory” and “Eastern management practice”. The management philosophy supported by OMB is strikingly consistent with Western management. For example, it advocates that managers should take into account both the “task side” and the “personal side”, which is completely consistent with Western leadership values.

Oriental Practice

The greater value of OMB lies in the fact that, on the basis of Western management concepts, it has further passed the test of decades of Eastern management practices, and has witnessed the take-off and rapid development of the Japanese & Chinese economy. Practice has proved that the OMB course is suitable for the growth and development of Oriental managers, and it has become a required management course trusted by major companies and managers operating in the Far East.

Duration: 6 weeks

Certification: YES

Forms of Learning: Interactive Online or Correspondence