Berzu Kompleksas

Berzu Kompleksas, UAB is a pig farm located in Jonavos district, Lithuania. This page aims to present a brief Berzu kompleksas company overview including company’s history, organization, market position and key financial figures from the past years.

Low cost workforce
Convenient Logistics
Modern equipment
Full production cycle
In-house feed production
Stable clients and suppliers base

Brief History

Berzu kompleksas was acquired by new owners in 2012. At that moment the farm was not functioning.
• Berzu kompleksas is a privately owned Joint Stock Company with 5 main shareholders
• Company signed a contract with JSR Genetics, UK for acquisition of sows to start a new herd in its farm
• First sale took place on March, 2013
• Main Berzu kompleksas customers: slaughter houses and meat processing companies based in Lithuania

Farm Composition: Main Assets

• 1st Central Farm, Silai village
2900 sows
9000 weaners
8000 finishers
• 2nd Farm,Blauzdziai village, 15 km from central farm
3000 weaners
5000 finishers
• 3rd Farm, Traku village, 20 km from central farm
3000 finishers
4th Farm, Prauliai village, 4 km from central farm
4000 finishers
Total: 12.000 weaners and 20.000 finishers
Berzu kompleksas, Ltd has all necessary licenses and permissions for feed production
and farming.

• Feed Mill, production capacity around 450 tones per week. Storage for grain, capacity
around 6000 tones, Silai Village
• Feed mill and grain storage in Blauzdziai village fully cover feed needs of the 2nd farm.
• Slaughterhouse, 330 sq.m., slaughtering capacity 1000-1200 units/week
• Equipped meat processing unit, 2000 sq.m.
• 87 ha of land used for slurry disposal. Since the land is not used for farming Berzu
kompleksas is getting EU dotation of 10.000 EUR per year


During the years 2012-2014 several investment waves took place in order to renew and modernize the farm,e.g. acquisition of new ventilation systems, acquisition of new heating system (Big Dutchman equipment), acquisition of machinery, vehicles, construction of corridors system to increase bio security, general modernization of premises.

August to October 2015 Berzu Kompleksas implemented ventilation and feeding system modernization project on the central farm in Silai village. Total project cost – 411.000 EUR (Big Dutchman ecquipment). Company also acquired new Massey Fergusson 6624 tractor for slurry disposal. Machinery price – 111.000 EUR


In October 2014, Berzu Kompleksas has started production of feed for finishers, sows and winners. In March 2017 Berzu Kompleksas has successfully completed new feedmill management system installation from BDW

Feedmill Systems GmbH & Co. Project cost – 100.000 EUR


  1. General information
    1.1 JSC “Berzu kompleksas” / UAB “Beržų kompleksas”
    1.2 Šilai, Blauzdziai, Trakai and Prauliai villages, Jonava region
    1.3 Desired form of sale: Sale of a block of shares in an enterprise
    1.4 Package Sale: 98%
    1.5 Photos of the object: See in the appendix
    1.6 Brief history of the company’s creation

Berju Kompleksas was acquired by the current shareholders in 2012. At the time of purchase, the farms were in a state of conservation.

Byarzhu kompleksas is a closed joint stock company with 5 main shareholders

The company has signed a contract with JSR Genetics, UK for the purchase of sows for herd renewal. JSR Genetics is also a supplier of genetic material necessary for the implementation of the genetic program.

The sale of commercial pigs started in 2013
During 2012-2014, the company made investments in order to modernize farms and improve the conditions for keeping animals, for example, the purchase of new ventilation systems, heating, the purchase of heavy equipment, auto transport, improvement of the biosecurity system (corridor systems between farms, fencing of farms along the perimeter modern fences with video surveillance and laser motion sensors), as well as general work on the renovation of farms. In November 2015, the third stage of the project for the modernization of the complex was carried out under an agreement of partial financing from EU funds.

In October 2014, Berju kompleksas began to produce its own feed. Byarzhu kompleksas ensured the production of feed for the livestock of sows, fattening and partly growing on the basis of purchased premixes.

Between August and October 2015, a project was carried out to modernize ventilation and feeding systems (manufactured by Big Dutchman) at the central farm. Ventilation and liquid feeding equipment from Big Dutchman was purchased for the central farm in Shilai to increase production performance. The total cost of the equipment is 411,000 euros (including VAT). A Massey Ferguson 7624 slurry disposal tractor was also purchased for the disposal of slurry, worth 111,000 euros (including VAT).

  1. Property of the enterprise
    2.1 Real Estate – ask for the appendix “List of Real Estate”
    2.2 Land plots – ask for the appendix “List of Real Estate” in Russian
    2.3 Means of production
    2.3.1 Transport – See the appendix “Transport List”. If necessary, documents confirming ownership will be collected. Today there is no lease or leasing, all vehicles are owned by the company.
    2.3.2 Equipment – Ask for Appendix “List of Major Equipment”. (The appendix lists the main equipment of the enterprise. For a more detailed calculation, a careful inventory is required).
  1. Does all buildings belong to the company?

Yes, all buildings belong to the company. Please find attached Lithuanian Center of Registers records of real estate ownership:

  • 1 Silu Farm
    • 2 Blauzdziu Farm
    • 3 Traku Farm
    • 4 Prauliu Farm
  • Communication with the authorities (officially issued documents, which have lead to the closure of the compound).
  • Officially issued documents, which have been relevant for re-opening

In July 2017 we had a suspicion of African swine fever (ASF) affecting our farm. We have submitted materials for tests and received a confirmation from state veterinary lab that it is there. After it was confirmed head of State food and veterinary service has issued an order to introduce extreme situation status in the area and eliminate ASF outbreak in accordance with EU laws. After all necessary procedures were performed a new order was issued in December 2018 stating that the previous order is not valid, meaning it is safe to grow animals again.

Please see attached documents:

Order leading to temporary farm closure B1-431, 2017.07.13  (can also be found here )

Order confirming that farm is fully functional B1-1025, 2018.12.13 (can also be found here )

  • Copies of the newly issued licenses
  • Copies of all permits and licenses currently held

We have never lost the license, we just could not grow pigs in one of our farm units before the ASF outbreak was eliminated. Please find attached the main license for farm operation “TIPK Nr. 2/17”, issued 2006-12-29, renewed 2010-12-30.

  1. Which exact disease has lead to the closure?

African Swine fever (ASF) outbreak in one of the units (main unit with sows), located in Silu k., Jonavos district

  • Does all the land belong to the company?

The land under the farm buildings belongs to State. Company owns 80+ ha of land for slurry disposal. Additionally there are contracts with local farmers for use of their land during the season for slurry disposal.

  • Which lease agreements are in place? Which duration do the lease agreements have?

The land under all farm units is leased from the State. Lease terms are:

  • Main unit (sows, weaners, finishers), Silu k., Jonavos district – 2098.12.07
  • Weaners and finishers unit, Blauzdziu k., Jonavos disctict – 2100.11.07
  • Finishers unit, Traku k., Jonavos disctict – 2030.05.06
  • Finishers unit, Prauliu k., Jonavos district – 2101.10.29

Please find attached Lithuanian Centre of Registers records.

  • Is there a purchase possibility for land, which is not in the companies possession? At which price?

There is a possibility to purchase the land at any time. Official evaluation. By state appointed company should be performed first. After the evaluation report is obtained the buildings owner has a primary right to purchase the land.

  • Is the current price assessment based on the prices for new acquisition of machinery, land, etc.?

The rough estimate for new development from scratch of the farm of full cycle and the same capacity would cost about 14 mln. EUR. Obtaining a license for a new farm in Lithuania proves to be very difficult.

  • Who is/are the current owner(s)? Do all assets belong to the same holding?

All farm units belong to UAB “Berzu kompleksas”

  • Is Berzu Kompleksas, Ltd still active and the owner of all assest?

Berzu Kompleksas is still active. It is operating on the basis of providing services to other big company – growing weaners till finishers stage. In case of the sale the agreement can be terminated on 5 month’s notice.