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Accompanying your business to the world of a stable and dynamic East.
Reasons to bring your business to the international level and / or register it abroad:

  • tendency to economic destabilization in the country of your residence;
  • cyclical perturbations in the CIS market;
  • stable dependence of countries on the IMF, EU, USA;
  • possible immaturity of the economy, as well as financial and industrial markets;
  • growing external debt to the IMF.

Why not just close in the friendly EU and US?

  • oversaturation of these countries with emigrants, which entails destabilization of the labor market and financial losses on the part of the participating countries.

Advantages of registering a business in Asia:

  • an impeccable banking system, proven for decades;
  • stability of the national currency;
  • the ability to use payment / credits with cryptocurrency, securities, shares, etc.;
  • hard work, obedience and increased efficiency of the working class in Asian countries, which in turn increases the % of the prosperity of your business, and, accordingly, your profit;
  • centers where stock exchanges are located;
  • the incorruptibility of the judicial system, which in turn guarantees the transparency and fairness of judges, which legally makes Asian countries the most popular global destination for registering your business;
  • well-developed infrastructure, air traffic, air and cargo transportation.

Legal services provided to our clients in Asia:

  • Translation of documents into any language;
  • Recovery of documents;
  • Notarized translations of documents;
  • Full maintenance and preparation of documentation for the registration of a legal entity;
  • Preparation of documentation for registration of a legal entity;
  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Maintenance and documentation of legal entities;
  • Representation of interests of legal entities;
  • Opening legal accounts;
  • Registration of licenses;
  • Conclusion of two language contracts of any direction and complexity;
  • Help in retaining a client for a long time by providing qualified, fast and timely information / solutions (services) for our clients; Key factor!
  • Analytics of the quality of the services provided to make sure that they are provided as well as they should be;
  • Active support and management of clients in all legal aspects;
  • Registration of documents for official stay in the country of registration of a legal entity;
  • Legal nuances of taxation for tax optimization;
  • All types of contracts for your business;
  • International structuring of your business;
  • Effective interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property;
  • Customs and broker activity;
  • Passage of accreditation at customs;
  • Own intercontinental air transportation with facilitated customs clearance of goods; (in perspective)
  • Foreign economic activity.


Complex from 415.3 euros ( extra translation services not included) + notary services (each notary has different price scale)

Annual service package 1,779.29 EUR
Business service package – EUR 2,372.38 EUR

The price of a lawyer for 1 hour costs 65 USD (53.99 EUR) + translation services
Registration of a legal entity – € 140.00

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Ms. Alena Netsevich

VIP Legal Associate

European Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development

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