Applied Chinese Language Intelligence & Interpretation Training

China, as one of the largest markets for goods and services on the Eurasian continent, in its willingness to cooperate and in parallel with the development of new horizons of transnational work in leading markets, requires high-quality, efficient and functional language training at the applied professional level.

The language programs of our Center are focused primarily on professionals in their fields in relation to the markets and professional fields in which they are located. We mainly offer applied conversational training in Mandaring Chinese (both simplified and traditional variants of Beijing & Taipei standard idiolects) in the following areas:

Accountants, Architetcs, Airport Workers, Stylists, Sports Game Players, Librarians, Childcare Professionals, Coaches, Construction Professionals, Designers, Customer Service Officers, Doctors, Financial Advisors, Hospital Professionals, Landscapers, Lawyers, Hospitality Professionals, HRM, Managemant & MBA, Manufacturing Experts, Mechanics, Nurses & Paramedics, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Realtors, Receptionists, Retailers, Sales Managers, Stock Clerks, Foreign Students, Diplomats, Flight Attendants & Pilots, Teachers & Education Professional, Waiters, Dancers & Models, Tourists, Academic Scholars, Fashion Industry Professionals, IT Engineers, Journalists.

Available levels of Training:

Beginners – 15 weeks

Intermediate – 15 weeks

Advanced – 15 weeks

In addition, we offer individual and group training in written and consecutive interpretation in the context of accompanying delegation, information-analytical, medicals, media and scientific-technical work with the support of translation editing. Also, if desired, on the basis of our courses we provide high-quality training in the style of artistic, scientific, social journalism and film translation and show business interpretation from Chinese and into Chinese accumulating 15 years professional background in translation and interpretation.

Upon completion of every program all listeners will be given certificates of program completion and life long reference support for employment and career growth.

Kind regards,

Petro Rybalchenko

Member of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists