European Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development is an educational, expert and business entity, based in Ukraine providing a wide range of services for professionals, entrepreneurs and company owners, as well as preparing students of various higher education institutions and trainees of organizational internship background to apply their knowledge and skills and effectively operate in Asia.

The Center is affiliated with the leading academic institutions, professional oriental practitioners circles, and global business circles all over the world. The Founder of the Center is Mr. Petro Rybalchenko, a Ukrainian educator, scholar, regional expert and entrepreneur, member of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists.

In fellowship with member companies from profile associations, as well as uniting professionals, scientists and talents all over the world the Center spreads for cultivation of supportive, updated, innovative and regionally collaborative business climate supporting European & Atlantic integration policy of Ukraine and strengthening Asia oriented partnership ties in Europe both within and outside of the EU.

Welcome for productive cooperation and mutual growth!

Please guide through the menu for more information regarding our activity and services. You can also reach us via email, program connected contact forms or leave your commentary under the topic article of your business, professional or educational interest mentioned in our regularly updated materials .

Based on your interest and personal growth goals, we can also help you to build up a regular, short-term or mini-course for individual, group, corporate business, industry consultancy, higher education or governmental needs or prepare you for the expert work in mass media to implement into your current professional practice and life style.

We consult on each and every service and product within our affiliated partnership structure and provide markets research and business development in a variety of segments, supporting your positioning in a number of areas, so vital for present days cross-regional cooperation with Asian continent. We realize how hard it is to deal transcontinental bridges of cooperation, and at the same time we value your time, resources and reputation to achieve the your priority tasks.

We are also open for cooperation, and in case of need ready to operate for your project in any country of both client’s location in Europe and any country of our regional concentration in Asia, be it physically or using our partnership network resources, while representing your business interests.

You can also connect the Founder via regular pages in Linkedin or Twitter.