Greetings: By Caravan From Europe!

It’s a pity that you almost never see a live camel on any of the streets of classic and extravagant European cities. Unless at the zoo or for a photo collage on a day off.

I remember very well how in Iran and Africa I constantly saw these amazing animals in their natural environment: some of them were simply grazing and gaining strength, and some were preparing for a long journey. After all, their main function in the way of life of people is the function of a logistics manager.

Yes, camels have been carrying cargo for thousands of years. And from where and where? First of all, from East to West, in the depths of the African continent, and even sometimes swimming in critical situations.

But today the third millennium is already behind the window and our camels will go with quality goods and services from Europe to Asia, they will be joined by transcontinental ocean liners and endless trains, which are much larger than the size of the Silk Road. Because now, in the conditions of globalization, we are actually talking about the entire planet, which we invite to join our project during its interesting and fruitful development.

First of all, our mission is to introduce Asian consumers to selected and high-quality goods and services from Europe, European democratic values ​​and the true and not distorted through ideological prisms pan-culture of a large European family under the auspices of the European flagship of Ukraine.

Our center will also invite all willing businessmen, specialists, representatives of consumers and business circles to cooperate in an exciting journey through life and the road to well-being, bridges and friendship between cultures, and most importantly – quality economic transformations in our common home – the beautiful planet of Earth.

Let’s wish our camels unlimited joy, plenty of water and a milky years on the way. And a blessed time and fulfillment of good intentions on all your roads!

Greetings to all our friends from Asia and every other part of the world!

Petro Rybalchenko

Founder of European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Business Development

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