Moscovia is relentlessly and stubbornly approaching the recognition of itself as a terrorist state

After the bombings of Mariupol and Kremenchug and the torture in Bucha, the civilized world could hardly have predicted the next such bloody and merciless treachery of the rushists and their propaganda towards the civilian population, as happened on July 14, 2022 in Vinnytsia, when 23 people died as a result of a rocket attack on the city center , among whom there were 3 children. On this day, the russian military launched a strike with high-precision ‘Kalibr” sea-based missiles on the building of the garrison House of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Vinnytsia. In other words, this is what the representative of the ministry of defense of russia announced at a briefing a day after the event.

The world expected and has already called hundreds of times from tribunes, assemblies and summits of executioners and misanthropists and their bespectacled representatives to stop terrorizing the peace and lives of children and women. Instead, the russian orcs raped everything that moves in Ukraine, packing home to their wives everything that turns on in their peaceful homes, calling their homes and maternity homes ambushes of the nazi subversive intelligence groups and points for sniper or missile sighting on their territory.

It’s not even just a twisted truth or an outright lie. Because from the very beginning of the attack, putin and the leaders of his military and political leadership taught the russians to call their crimes against humanity and mass murders provocations of the Armed Forces, in order to speak in the style of “Nazi attack on innocent moscovites” and now this has entered the terrorist fashion of the aggressor country under regular the arrival of rockets on cities, peaceful infrastructure and children and elderly people who simply do not have time to evacuate from the now already occupied cities.

And now the ministry of defense of moscovia, acknowledging the attack on the officers’ house in Vinnytsia, has framed russia itself and its entire people: because the attack on Vinnytsia is either a deliberate attack on the civilian population or a terrible and bloody miss of their “high-precision” missiles. And again, trading in lies and the consequences of their bloody crimes under the name of “special operation”, the kremlin’s military chiefs, with their actions, statements and lies, brought the day of russia’s responsibility to humanity closer, even with the position of refraining from the innocent pollution of its “main” partners by India and China, as we we can see in the situation with the final communiqués of the G20 summit.

The narrative version of the rashist ministry of defense prepared for the world public emphasizes the fact that at the time of the attack, a meeting was held in the building, where “the command of the Ukrainian Air Force and foreign arms suppliers” were present. At the same time, they fantasized the story that they were supposedly at that moment discussing the delivery of another batch of aircraft and weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the repair of the national park.

However, even here the russians lacked purely human logic, because there was not a meeting in the officers’ house, but they were waiting for the concert by conducting a sound check.

That’s when the ball of another ruscists lies filled with innocent blood burst. At the same time, the ministry of defense of russia is clearly aware that they are blatantly lying, but they cannot say that it was a targeted attack on civilians in order to intimidate and force Ukrainians to surrender in this war.

You can, of course, join this ministerial-star cloaca and become an accomplice to that lie, spreading lies about the imperative of international justice and those who do it.

Ukraine highlights the death of every person, every fighter and calls them by name in messages and statements commemorating the bright memory of the heroes and victims of the fight against this terror. So how can you hide the death of the Air Force High Command during the declared “meeting”? But the death of 23 people is reliable and confirmed information with which russia is to be definitely recognized as a terrorist state, as it really is. And there is simply no other choice here.

The world is not afraid now – it just hates and closes the circle of protective fire in response of all possible directions and fronts to the summit on complete justice for punishment.

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