Wave Your Hands but Don’t Take Your Clouds Away (Meditation)

If you develop a concise, atmospheric, direct way of thinking, you will find that the problem is really simple. You approach the problem in a direct way, first, without wasting your time.

Second, when you deal with it decisively, the intricate relationship that originally interfered with you will be cut off by you.

Have you noticed that some temples are very simple? Many monasteries are keen to build houses. The bigger a monastery is, the more concise it must be.

If you make a rockery here and a fountain there, it will feel very messy. So the bigger the hall is, the thicker, longer, and larger the stone slabs around it.

If you look at the buildings of the Tang Dynasty in China, the windows had no carvings, they were all very thick wooden strips, which were lined up one by one, and it felt very rough. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, like when when I went to the Forbidden City, we would find that every beam was carved with a lot of things and painted a lot of pictures, which is another realm.

Of course, that is also a cultural interest, but we all know that the Ming and Qing dynasties are far less grand and majestic than the Tang Dynasty.

When you are rich inside, your behavior and lifestyle will be simple; when your external things are complicated, it means that you lack inner cultivation. If a person’s home is full of everything, it means that the person’s heart is empty. If the home reflects some simple necessities, it means that the person is rich in heart and does not need external things to set off. This is a choice of thinking, and often the simpler the enterprise, the longer it will go. You design many, many systems, and many rules and regulations. When you walk in, you feel that your hands and feet are tied; we “have” all become a machine. How far can such an enterprise go?

There is a TV show that has this scene. A very wealthy family had to take off their shoes when entering the hall from the outside, and keep them neat and tidy. But the nanny was from the countryside, she was not particular, she just took off off. The daughter-in-law at home was very awkward to see the shoes placed like that, but she wondered if the hands would get dirty if the guest take this shoe, and would it be a shame to help a nanny put the shoes on, so the guest’s heart was entangled in the shoes. And as soon as her mother saw that, she went straight to set up the shoes. The daughter-in-law’s heart was too complicated, so she had been entangled in the shoes.

In fact, when we deal with problems, often the more complicated you think, the more tired your heart will be. Just like that daughter-in-law, she was highly educated, so she would always take care of this and that, etiquette, hygiene, it would be very hard.

Chan calmness also has many such koans. Once a master and an apprentice went down the mountain and crossed the river, and saw a girl there. He wanted to cross the river but was afraid that her shoes would get wet. The master carried her on his back and put her down on the other side. His apprentice felt that men and women were inseparable, how could they carry a woman back and violated the lustful precepts. As a result, this matter had been entangled in him, and he couldn’t sleep at night. The master told him, I had already put her down on the other side of the river, why haven’t you put it down until now?

We also often carry a problem on our backs and are unwilling to let it go. So the older you get, the more things you do, the heavier the burden on your body will be. One day you won’t be able to carry it, and when you break down, you will find that the gain is really worth the loss.Did not arrive, so the value of life is today; no matter how old you are now, today is the most beautiful, the most beautiful day in your life, and the youngest day in your life.

Really, people live a very short time in this world. Take a good grasp of today. There are really not many things you can do in your life. If you can do one thing well, it is the greatest glory in your life. This period of life is like a piece of clothing, if you wear it, take it off and change it again. A person’s life is just a short period of a long practice life, and one’s life is not completed in this life, and the next life will continue to practice. If you understand the cause and effect of the three worlds, you can focus on the present moment and focus on the struggle of this lifetime.

Problems happen here, I fix them here; when I fix them here and put them down here. When I leave, I wave my hand without taking a cloud with me. Yesterday’s things are over, and if you continue to regret and accuse today, you can’t do today’s things well; when we can’t do today’s things well, tomorrow will be entangled with today; the past is over, and the future still exists.

The future is yours, remember it but stay full in its every corner. You will notice it by how simple your Xianhai temple is..

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