The Necessity of Female Meditation

Why do women need to meditate?

  I am not a woman, but I know the suffering of women and the weaknesses of women working with women in hospitals worldwide.

  First, let’s talk about the suffering of women. Women have two great sufferings, physical suffering and mental suffering.

  Monthly periods can cause physical pain. Most women know what dysmenorrhea is like, ranging from backache and abdominal pain in mild cases to cramps, tearing pains, and even unable to work properly. Dysmenorrhea occurs every month and is unavoidable. Most women have to get pregnant and give birth, which is very hard.

  Women have too many things to worry about, worry about men, worry about their children, worry about the family, and keep busy. Also have to deal with complex interpersonal relationships, such as the more difficult relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Women are the backbone of the family. As long as there are women, the family will be like a family. Without women, the family will fall apart. A woman has changed from being a beautiful young woman to a yellow-faced woman who has no self and lives for others. When her heart didn’t settle down, she was always concerned and tangled in countless threads.

  Let’s talk about women’s weaknesses.

  One of women’s weaknesses is infatuation and emotionality.

  Women are more sensible before marriage, but have no self after marriage. When a woman falls in love with a man, she starts to go crazy! She will hold that man with all her heart, pin her happiness on him, and be full of expectations for him. Before marriage, a man will satisfy every wish of a woman without exception, and obey every word. When you cry, he will sit with you for a long time and comfort you patiently. Women thus get great comfort and satisfaction. She feels so happy! He thought that a man would accompany her like this for the rest of his life. But it won’t last long! After getting married, the man began to change. It was better in the first two years. In the end, he hated the woman’s nagging. When the woman cried, he was too lazy to care. Will go outside to find other women. At this time, the woman began to lose, full of resentment, and even hatred because of love. At this point, the woman is in great pain. The reason why a woman suffers is because she does not see reality clearly, lives in her own fantasy, and has unrealistic expectations of men. How do women know that men love women differently! A man loves a woman, and it is good to leave a small corner for a woman in his heart, and he will not hold a woman wholeheartedly. Men are rational, ambitious, and pursuing, and will not fall into love.

  The second weakness of women is to love beauty and spend money.

  A woman’s wardrobe is always missing a piece of clothing! Desires are like bottomless pits that can never be filled! Look at the major shopping malls are mainly set up for women, all kinds of brand-name fashion, all kinds of cosmetics, a wide variety of dazzling. In order to beautify herself, women go to great lengths to walk from this counter to that counter, from this shopping mall to that shopping mall, to buy high-end fashion and high-end cosmetics, because she wants to be beautiful, she thinks that wearing such clothes will make her look beautiful, and using high-end cosmetics will make her look beautiful. beauty. There is a popular saying among women nowadays, “Be ruthless with yourself”, that is, be generous with your money. The poor man reluctantly followed behind the woman like a shadow because he had to pay. Look at the clothes in the closet at home, some clothes can’t even be worn once a year. 

  But in fact, women did not become beautiful because of this, but became more tacky! She thought the beauty cosmetics advertised in the ad would really make her look younger and more beautiful. As everyone knows, after using these beauty cosmetics, it will cause more damage to the skin. A woman who likes makeup looks very bright on the surface, but after she goes home at night and removes her makeup, she can’t see it, they are completely two. These cosmetics contain chemical ingredients. When applied to the skin, our skin will absorb these chemical ingredients into our blood, thus polluting our blood. Blood gets dirty, can people still be beautiful? If there is a manufacturer that says that the cosmetic products it makes are edible, then you can use it with confidence. I don’t think there is a businessman who dares to make such a promise! Women spend a lot of money, but they hurt themselves, waste a lot of time, and get no benefits for their health with that!

  Is there a way to deal with these sufferings, to make them less painful, to overcome these weaknesses, and to allow women to live truly healthy and happy lives? Yes, that is meditation! Without taking medicine, you can easily spend that special day every month, let you handle housework and family relations with ease, save money and be beautiful. Your body will be healthier and your family will be more harmonious and happy.

  Meditation includes stillness meditation and insight meditation, and the meditation mentioned in this article refers to insight meditation. Meditation is to observe as it is any physical and mental phenomenon that arises in the moment, including physical pain and inner feeling. It is to be mindful of any physical and mental phenomenon, not to reject the uncomfortable feeling, not to expect the uncomfortable feeling to disappear as soon as possible, and not to. To analyze, to judge, to simply be aware.

  One well known lady used to have severe menstrual cramps. After practicing Vipassana meditation for more than a year, she basically feels no pain for a few days each month, which is not much different from usual. After learning the method of Vipassana, you will face the pain bravely and calmly, without fear or withdrawal, and go deep into the pain to observe and see how the pain changes and disappears. When you can go deep into the pain to observe, you will experience the feeling of the lining of the uterus falling off, a little numb, like the feeling of plaster being torn from the body. The pain is less noticeable at this point, or you don’t feel it anymore because you are watching your physical phenomenon with interest, the shedding of the lining of your uterus, and have forgotten your existence. After a period of observation of dysmenorrhea, your dysmenorrhea will be significantly relieved, or even disappear. The special day becomes no longer special, and you are a happy woman from now on, because you have surpassed the pain that ordinary women must bear, and you no longer have to suffer every month. you succeeded!

  If a woman practices Vipassana, she will realize that the source of her inner suffering is attachment to men. She regards men as her spiritual support, and it seems that she cannot live without men. In fact it is not. Give it a try! When a man is on a business trip, don’t expect him to call you, do your own thing with peace of mind, and use the rare alone time to improve your spiritual self-cultivation. When you look inward, you will see clearly every thought, delusion that arises within you, and they arise and disappear so quickly. When you have a desire for a man, look at the heart where desire arises, mark in your mind “want, want”, and slowly the desire fades and disappears. The burning desire is extinguished, and your body and mind begin to cool. You will experience a joy of serenity that is far deeper and more lasting than the joy you get from a man. The pleasure you get from a man is fleeting, very unreliable, you’re never satisfied, you’re in a kind of hunger and thirst that creates a vicious circle that hurts both parties.

  A wise woman will not lose herself in marriage. The “wisdom” mentioned here is not the “smart” we usually call it. Smart people are not necessarily wise! Wisdom is a clear understanding of the individuality and commonality of all physical and mental phenomena, that is, to see through superficial phenomena and go straight to the ultimate truth. Therefore, a wise woman will not be confused, angry, or complaining. She is always so calm, calm and rational.

  Wisdom is acquired through practice. Through meditation, a woman can become wise. Vipassana meditation includes walking meditation, sitting meditation, and living meditation. Walking meditation is to keep an eye on walking and the main goal is to observe the movement of the feet; sitting meditation is to meditate, and the main goal is to observe the rising and falling of the abdomen. If the pain becomes apparent, note the pain, and when the pain is gone, return to the main object of note; observe only the most obvious object at a time. Living Zen is to keep noticing every action in daily life, including eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet. When we can clearly mark all physical and mental phenomena, we know exactly what we are doing at every moment. It can be seen that the main purpose of meditation is to gather the mind and cultivate mindfulness.

  When we hear a sound, we mark it as “hear, hear”, and do not analyze what the sound is and what the content is, so that the interference of the sound is excluded, which is the protection of the ear root door. Each person has six sense doors, namely eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind, and we mark what we see, smell, taste, touch, and think in a similar way. A sturdy protective wall is built at the six root gates to prevent all kinds of interference and temptation from invading our hearts, our hearts will become very stable, less interference from the outside world, and life will become simple and easy. Peaceful and happy.

  Females are accustomed to their hearts “crawling” everywhere, jumping up and down “like monkeys”, and that’s why they can’t sometimes sit still for a moment. When walking, looking around, looking at handsome men and beauties, and seeing beautiful things, the female heart is attracted. In order to satisfy the taste of the tongue, they have eaten almost all the famous restaurants all over the world, but the tongue is never satisfied. Talking loudly while eating without noticing, not to mention being able to sit still for two minutes. When the three women get together, they can create a show. Few people can calm down and look inward to see what their heart is like. They always have to grasp one thing to feel at ease in their hearts and let her do nothing. She will be distracted and she will not dare to face herself She says that other people speak well, but she has never known herself. Their bodies and minds are difficult to cleanse, it’s true.

  Meditation takes precepts as the premise to make life noble and pure. First of all, be clean. During intensive meditation, the eight precepts need to be kept. For lay people, it is good to be able to keep the five precepts. The five precepts include: do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie, and do not drink alcohol. After the body is purified, the mind is purified, and after the mind is purified, the view is purified. At this time, there is a certain wisdom. If we continue to practice, we will attain insight knowledge and possibly attain Nibbāna, the cessation of defilements, in this life.

  Smart women must meditate themselves! Through meditation, wisdom will soon arise, wisdom and beauty, you will become more and more attractive, your status in the minds of men will increase day by day, men will respect you more and cherish you, because you are a rare treasure! If you don’t meditate, it will be a pity for your cleverness. After meditation, because your body and mind are clean and you don’t need to wear any skin care products or cosmetics, your complexion is still ruddy and radiant; despite the simplicity of your clothes, you exude a fresh and pure beauty from the inside out. This kind of beauty cannot be achieved with any cosmetics and high fashion. You can save a lot of money on living expenses by not buying cosmetics and high-end fashion. So, smart men make sure to get your woman to meditate, it will save you a lot of money! Moreover, women who meditate will become very gentle and generous, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that used to be difficult will become easier and easier, and men will no longer be caught between wives and mothers to get angry, and family relations will reach an unprecedented balance and harmony!

  Smart women must let their husbands come to meditate! Because meditation requires at least five precepts, he will be cautious in his words and deeds, and be a virtuous person. He won’t become delirious because of drinking, he won’t engage in improper relationships with other women outside, and he won’t kill or steal. He will do his job and be dedicated to work and family. Such men and women are very at ease, and women are also relieved and not angry. If you don’t have the ability to convince your husband, send him to a meditation camp to train for a period of time, and he will be good for you when he comes back. The wisdom of the Zen master is quite high, and she/he will help you to convince your husband.

  Ideally, both husband and wife meditate at the same time! The relationship between the two of you will be greatly improved, the heart will be more tacit, the two sides will trust each other, and there will be no more suspicion. Women will no longer feel empty and require men to be by their side all the time. Because both parties focus on what they should do, the two parties have relatively independent space, and there will be no more conflicts and interference. At this time, a man can let go of his hands and feet and concentrate on his career or what he likes to do, instead of wasting time with women shopping.

  If a pregnant woman participates in meditation and gives birth to a meditation baby, she will be the happiest mother in the future! The child she will give birth to will be very healthy, intelligent, mild-mannered, very quiet, and the mother will be very worry-free. Mom can sleep peacefully every night. The baby who is meditating too is very calm and will definitely get good grades in the future. Because a mother is wise, she will not spoil her children too much, and she will not let them be pampered. She will focus on the cultivation of children’s minds, the soundness of their personalities, and the ability to bear hardships and stand hard work and self-reliance, so that children have a sense of responsibility, love, and know how to honor their elders and care for others. Such children will be very sensible when they grow up, they will understand how to deal with others, and they will not have to worry about adults. It’s a pity that there are too few sensible children these days, and most of them are spoiled by their parents.

  Meditation is not limited by venue and time, it can be practiced anytime, anywhere, even when you are breastfeeding your baby, you can be in a state of meditation, you can focus your mind on the feeling of breastfeeding, and you can also observe you clearly physical and mental phenomena. But for most beginners, since the concentration is not strong at the beginning, it is better to join a meditation camp.

  Women who “love to sleep late” need to meditate. Meditation will make them more diligent, lighter and more energetic, and sleepy eyes will naturally decrease. Those women who don’t like to do housework or pick up need to meditate. Meditation makes the mind more and more calm, so that they will gradually become unable to tolerate external uncleanness, and will take the initiative to do housework and pick up. A gluttonous woman needs to meditate, and meditation will make them reduce our food cravings and eat in moderation. There are also single women, divorced women, strong women and other women of all kinds. All women need to meditate. Only meditation can free women from suffering and gain real happiness!

  Through the constant practice of Vipassana, mindfulness will grow stronger and stronger, and you will do everything you do as perfectly as possible. You power of observation will become more and more keen, and our response will become more and more agile. When you focus on only one goal at a time, your energy becomes strong and you can easily cope with all the difficulties and difficulties in life. You will find that what was originally complicated will become easier and work more efficiently. Life is so simple! Simply being aware of each moment, it’s your thinking brain that complicates things.

  In short, women can be healthier and more beautiful and improve family relationships through the practice of meditation. And the financial situation of the family will improve day by day. The most important point is that women are freed from the pain in their hearts! They realized what true happiness is!

  There are too many benefits for women to practice Vipassana. Hope smart girls and mothers come to experience meditation like Vipassana or other ones and become wise and truly happy women!

Meditation is not an only thing you may need in your toolkit for personal development and strengthening your reproductive powers to beautify this world with New Life after Vipassana. We will keep talking further on hundreds of general issues, but whenever something really important comes we can always work well on your changes even beyond Vipassana but not without meditation. Inner peace and natural harmony should come first into your life to grant you true happiness and bloom your heart. Talk soon!