On the Female Longevity & Fertility (Meditation)

Many people know Nirjala fast of Jivitputrika to wish for the long life, happiness and prosperity of the son. On this occasion, after bathing in the Ganges and worshiping, females listen to the stories. Women wear gold or silver jutiya around their neck as a symbol. It is believed that by observing this fast, the trouble on the son is also averted.

On this festival, women start the fast by having snacks before sunrise from dawn. She stays without taking food or water and performs Parana the next day. On Wednesday afternoon, the process of women reaching the Ganga Ghats started. Due to this, crowds of fasting women gather at Dadrighat, Chitnath Ghat, Mansoori Ghat, Pakkaghat, Navapura Ghat, Golaghat, Steamer Ghat and other Ganga Ghats of the city. 

After bathing in the Ganges, they worship and perform charity. After this, the story of Jutiya is recited by the pundits at holy places like Ganga Ghats, houses and temples. The women listen to it very attentively. After listening to the story, all females put on the gold or silver jutiya kept in the plate or vessel of worship. According to tradition, the number of sons a woman has, she wears Jutiya. After the worship, the fast continues. 

The theme of woman and longevity with fertility accompanies us in many cultures and is considered the greatest earthly blessing in life among all earthly and material goods. Being a mother is a gift from heaven for which their own mothers offer daily prayers to heaven after receiving the key to the joy of life. Only at the threshold of newborn life is the fullness of a woman’s destiny to maintain world and universal harmony in prosperity and to achieve the meaning of all other earthly goods and man-made wonders realized.

Many are afraid or procrastinate in following this path, filling the vacuum of eternal calling from the Moon. However, few people remember that childbirth itself contributes to the true rejuvenation and preservation of beauty, health and longevity of a woman, along with all her aspirations to be happy in this life.

Time comes and material man-made departs from us, remains without us or burns down before our eyes. The candle of life is not in pleasures and wealth, but in the sense of a great desire to live and preserve oneself for the sake of the most precious, most wonderful and sweetest miracle among all our weekdays and weekends. This great universal meaning turns the desire for well-being into a real pearl of love towards the most precious, which returns to a woman with longevity, beauty and long youth.

Be beautiful and prosperous, fertile, leaders of life because you are them and you will always remain them!


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