The Power of Love (Meditation)

Now is just right excuse to let true love make dwelling in your heart. There is no such things as “I have no time” or “Maybe tomorrow”. The Power of Love is the power of NOW.

If you know your relationship gets stronger and you want to awaken love in the heart of your chosen one, stay away from him for a couple of days to create a sort of separation feeling. The thirst for meeting will come to him automatically awakened. And if all this happens in love you both will settle properly your hearts.

The feeling of love is sweet. So all you need is just need to drown yourself in it and let it make home in your heart. Come, don’t forget to show the world the example of your walking path of love. You drown in his eyes like the sun sinks in the ocean, you get wrapped up by him like a moth in the fire.

This will be the victory of your love, just to be with you for life, you will understand everything, and you don’t have to tell him everything. For life long companion is found. Just once…to make him feel that this is the power of love…

Then the flowers are to be fed for happiness throughout life.

Do you feel the power of love in your life regardless of obstacles on the way to it? Let’s guide you now towards it, open your heart for today!