Meditation on Cause & Effects

You have to learn to let more people stand on the same starting line with you.

You have to understand: I want them to help me share, and at the same time, the profits I get will also be returned to them in a corresponding match. Make them feel that everything the company does is relevant to everyone.

The biggest bottleneck encountered by private enterprises in Asia is because people used to eat family meals all the time, and the heads of all enterprises are basi family members.

We must break this limitation. To think high and far, we must look for the law of the existence of things, and analyze why it exists this way, not that way. If I want to harvest watermelons, I have to buy watermelon seeds, treat the field well, hire workers, and prepare money to buy fertilizer.

All these are the fates that promote the growth of watermelons. Therefore, we must determine the current cause from the perspective of the effect, and all efforts must focus on this effect.

The attitude towards cause and effect is very clear. People often complain unnecessarily about the unsatisfactory results, which are meaningless. Because what you have now is the result of what you have planted in the past.

Karma is not good, it won’t deceive you, let’s not think of it superstitiously, thinking that how much incense I burn will have how much wealth I have. After we have made our vows, we must rise up and act, instead of waiting for something to given from heavens.

Wherever you put your time and energy, what will be returned to you. This is cause and effect. You care for a person, put your love and sympathy into him, and he will follow you; if you go home early every day and invest time in your family, you will find that family affection will be especially warm.

In this world, accomplished people are often not very smart, but they can identify a direction, concentrate all their energy, and make breakthroughs in one direction, so their achievements will be far beyond imagination.

When you think about it carefully, when you filter the people around you who belong to this category, you will find that this is really the case.

One man had been studying in Germany for 10 years, and he stayd in the dormitory, laboratory and library every day. The lab was closed on weekends, and he was stuck in the library all day. What do you say such an achievement depends on? It depends on his goals, there is a goal, so there is persistence, and there is persistence, so there is success.

Another man’s wife organized for him a lot of things. He can put a pair of socks on the same foot, and he can’t even take care of his own life, but he has become a great mathematician. It’s also because he puts all his energy into one place, and naturally he can do great things in that area. It’s not that he can’t put on socks, he can’t tidy his life, he can tidy up, it’s just that he doesn’t have time to think about those things.

Cherish every grain of rice, every penny of money, and not be stingy, it is a blessing…