On the Soft Power(Business Meditation)

There is a Japanese incense company with a history of more than 400 years. The incense they produce is the best in the world, even used by the Japanese royal family. I have a friend who wants to be the general agent in China, but they are dismissive of it. In their concept, they just think about how to continue this brand culture for a longer time, but they have never thought about how big their company should be, how many places it should be spread, and how much sales volume. For them, the most important thing is the cultural heritage that the company has formed over the past 400 years.

Growing a business is like a tree with a very large canopy, but the question is what about its root system? Only when the foundation is firm can it survive wind, rain, thunder and lightning without fading.

To create a corporate culture, it is necessary to be realistic, accumulate bit by bit, establish a long-term goal, develop the cornerstone of its culture, and do not rush for instant success. The leader’s personality, cultural accomplishment and the height of understanding things will form the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, which is what we call the soft power of the enterprise. This is not something that can be formed by publishing a few board newspapers and building a few forums. This is the charisma and style of conduct formed by leaders in ten or twenty years, accumulated over a long period of time, and formed through team effort.

This spirit is the culture of the company, the cohesion of the company, and the reputation of the company. For example, if a company wants to build integrity, we don’t just write the word integrity on the wall, we shout and read it every day, and talk to customers, that’s all. It is the company’s commitment to employees and every commitment you make to your subordinates. You must be honest, you must do what you promise, and your behavior and standards must complement each other, so that the concept of integrity can slowly crack from your side.

Next, you use the wisdom and experience you have learned to share with your employees, your executives, and your customers, and continue to pass on your thoughts to them. In Chan cultivation culture, there has always been a requirement: we must meditate and influence others.

First of all, we must meditate ourselves, we must experience ourselves, and we must change, so that the temperament and realm produced in this way can make ONLY when others appreciate and accept it, when meditation can go on.

Therefore, we must meditate every morning and evening, and often share, promote each other every day, and make progress together every day, which forms the unique cultural atmosphere.

So it doesn’t mean that people come to work part-time, just to earn some money. Your company culture is gone as soon as people get home. Our philosophy can be reflected in body, mind and spirit at any time, and even truly affects everyone around us and radiates this philosophy. If our customer is influenced by our company culture, he not only does it himself, but can also share this kind of thinking with others when he goes back, then at this time, the company’s culture and thinking will really come to life.