Follow This Style to Get Pregnant (School of Reproduction & Motherhood)

If you are tired of trying for a child, but the wife is not able to conceive, then such measures are being told to you, which increases the chances of having children more and more.

If you want to increase your family and even after trying a lot, children are not being born, then it is natural to be worried. After all, what is the reason that comes in the way of pregnancy, and what are the natural remedies that can be adopted for this? In the meantime, once again you are being told such measures, which increase the chances of having children more and more.

When to have sex

For women, the month comes after 28 days or 4 weeks. In these, which are 1 to 7 and 21 to 28 days, that is, the first week and the last week, there is less chance of pregnancy in them. But, during the middle two weeks i.e from the eighth day to the twentieth day, the chances of pregnancy are high. During this time, except one day, you can have sex only in the morning. At that time your hormone level will also be high, which will support you.

How to have sex

During sex, you should stop using any vaseline, jelly or oil, because it reduces the movement of sperms. Immediately after sex, ask your wife to bring both knees close to the breast. As they stay in this position for 10 to 15-20 minutes. This asana increases the chances of conception, as the sperms get the right movement to reach their destination. Also note that avoid urinating immediately after sex.

What should we eat

Ayurveda says that if men take pitta-reducing supplements (cow’s ghee and dry grapes) during this time, the sperm count and sometimes their speed can also increase.

What not to eat

Take less fried, spicy and hot foods, as they increase the amount of bile in the body.

Whom to meet

If still not successful, then you should get your sperm count and speed checked, because it comes to know that during the last five years you have not taken any such medicines, which have a bad effect on the condition of sperms. Have been lying similarly, you should go to an infertility specialist for your wife and get a sonography done, so that it can be found out if there is any blockage in her fallopian tubes. If someone has had a disease like TB during the last five years, then there is a risk of closure of the fallopian tubes.

Take care

Men wanting to have children should avoid wearing tight clothes, as they can also reduce sperm count. It is said that wearing loose inner clothes can increase sperm count.