Meditation on Intelligence & Skills


When viewing the moon, everything becomes more touching. Some people say: “There is nothing more interesting than the moon.” Others argue: “The most interesting thing is dewdrops, right?” Such arguments are also very interesting. However, in different occasions, everything has its own natural taste.

People who study art, when they are not proficient in their skills, hide their secrets and practice hard in secret. Once they have learned it, they will show up to the public. This is really an enviable practice!. People who are known as famous hands all over the world, at the beginning of learning art, their skills are inevitably poor, and there are stubborn flaws, but they always adhere to the right path, do not let themselves go, and eventually become a generation of famous masters and teachers of ten thousand people. This is an easy rule.

  A person who is proficient in one art, even if the skill is not skilled enough, is no worse than a person who is intelligent but does not specialize in the same art. In general, the former is dedicated and cautious, while the latter is reckless and rash. There is a difference between the two.

  This principle is not limited to a certain skill. Ordinary deeds and intentions, if they are clumsy and cautious, will gain their roots; if they are rash and reckless, they will lose their roots.

  In order to be free from mistakes, the best way to live in the world is to meet with sincerity. When interacting with people, it is best to be respectful and less talkative. Such people are the most popular, regardless of age or gender. As for handsome young men and beautiful ladies, if they speak properly, they are even more captivating.


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