Vipassana: Women Meditate and Cultivate the Beauty That Comes Out From Within

Meditation includes stillness meditation and insight meditation. The meditation mentioned in this article refers to insight meditation. Meditation is to observe as it is any physical and mental phenomenon that arises in the moment, including physical pain and inner feeling. It is to be mindful of any physical and mental phenomenon, not to reject the uncomfortable feeling, not to expect the uncomfortable feeling to disappear as soon as possible, and not to. To analyze, to judge, to simply be aware.

Vipassana meditation includes walking meditation, sitting meditation, and living meditation. Walking meditation is to keep an eye on walking, and the main method is to observe the movement of the feet; sitting meditation is to meditate, and the main method is to observe the rising and falling of the abdomen. Living Zen is to keep an eye on every action in daily life, including eating, sleeping, and even taking a shower


Benefits of meditation for women:

Women have two great sufferings: physical suffering and mental suffering. Physical suffering includes menstrual cramps, pregnancy, and childbirth; mental suffering includes emotionality, worrying about family, obsession with beauty, etc.;


By learning Vipassana meditation, a woman will face pain bravely and calmly, seeing how it changes and disappears (birth and death). Take dysmenorrhea as an example. When she goes deep inside to observe, she will experience the swelling and numbness of the shedding of the lining of the uterus, like the feeling of plaster being torn from the body. The pain was not so obvious now, because she was observing her physical phenomena with interest and had forgotten her own existence. After a period of Vipassana, the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be significantly relieved, or even completely healed.

If a woman practises Vipassana meditation, she will improve her wisdom, gain a clear understanding of all physical and mental phenomena, see through the surface, and go straight to the bottom. She will realize that the root of heart suffering lies in attachment. She regards feelings and family as her spiritual pillars, and it seems that she cannot live without them. Try, for example, when your partner is on a business trip, don’t expect him to call you and just stay with yourself at ease. When you look inside, you will clearly see every thought, delusion that arises in your heart, they arise and pass away so quickly, like a fleeting cloud, if you don’t “just look” like this, you can easily Take them away and weave a bunch of “stories” out of thin air. A wise woman will not lose herself in marriage. She is always so calm, calm and rational.

After meditation, because of the clean body and mind, there is no need to apply any skin care products and cosmetics, and the complexion is still rosy and radiant; although the clothes are simple, it exudes a fresh and pure beauty from the inside out. This kind of beauty cannot be achieved with any cosmetics and high fashion.

If a pregnant woman participates in meditation and gives birth to a meditation baby, she will be the happiest mother in the future! The child she will give birth to will be very healthy, intelligent, gentle in temperament, and will be very worry-free for the mother. At the same time, wise mothers will pay special attention to the cultivation of children’s minds and the soundness of their personalities. Such children are physically and mentally healthy, and they can easily reap the inner and outer richness of life when they grow up.

Women who like to sleep late need to meditate. Meditation will make females more diligent, their body will become lighter and more energetic, and sleepy eyes will naturally decrease. Women who don’t like to do housework or pick up need to meditate. Meditation makes the mind more and more quiet, so that they will gradually become unable to tolerate external uncleanness, and will take the initiative to do housework and pick up. A gluttonous woman needs to meditate, and meditation will make us reduce our food cravings and eat in moderation. 

In short, women can be healthier and more beautiful and improve family relationships through the practice of Vipassana meditation. And the financial situation of the family will improve day by day. The most important point is that women are freed from the pain in their hearts! She realized what true happiness is!