Spring Meditation Q&A: “What should I do if I keep thinking about my male or female friend while meditating?”

The long-awaited spring has come to most of the globe. A great and uncontrollable desire awakens to immerse oneself in the bosom of nature with one’s thoughts and whole being, to enjoy the singing of birds. It’s time to sit and meditate on the weekend.

But even here, not all thoughts can be completely appeased by nature. Because spring is also a time of feelings. And if your meditation sessions coincided with a period of passionate love, then you also need to find the middle ground, because there are moments, and you need them as regularly as possible for your own inner peace.

Let’s try to address the problem posed just yesterday by one of my listeners:

I can not concentrate on meditation when thoughts of a loved one do not give me peace. What shall I do?

It is normal for a person in love to miss a day, such as every three springs, but when meditating, it may become a little “trouble”. I clearly hope that I can concentrate on meditation, and I know that what I see in my heart is illusory, but I just can’t adjust my heart and regard my lover as a delusion.

There are two kinds of problems caused by delusions: one is that the more you want to drive away the thoughts, the more delusions arise, which makes people feel like numbness, and the other is that when the delusions are discovered, it is too late, and it is completely impossible to turn the tide.

Ignore Delusions
The first phenomenon is like being surrounded by a swarm of flies while you’re eating dessert. If you keep waving the flies with your hand and you just struggle to finish the dessert, they will spread out and regroup. The best way to deal with it is to ignore the flies, as long as you concentrate on eating the dessert, the flies will automatically disperse.

Relax and go back to method
The second phenomenon is like dozing off while riding a horse. The horse wanders off the road without you noticing. Due to your mental fatigue and physical weakness, you cannot realize that your mind has long been scattered. When you come back to your senses, you may find that a period of time has passed. But don’t get distracted by this, because self-blame and anxiety will only lead to more distractions. It’s better to relax and go back to the meditation method you use.

When our minds are quiet, not only lovers and family members, but also those who are close to them, may even long-forgotten childhood playmates and neighbors come to mind. No matter who is on your mind, as long as you find that you have left the meditation method and return to the method again, don’t let delusions interfere with you.