The Nature of Heavenly Change (Meditations on Yijing, Day 1)

地地地卑,乾坤定。 卑卑高陳,貴賤,貴賤位就矣。動靜有常以,剛柔斷矣。方類聚,物以分,,吉凶生矣。 ,變化寒現現)即矣。是故剛柔剛柔相摩,八卦相盪。鼓之以雷霆,潤之以風雨風雨;日月運行,一暑。幹道成男,,坤道成。知知大道女坤作成坤。。幹以易知,,坤以簡能。易則易知,簡則易從。易易從則有功。有親則可,有功大。可可久,則可人之德,人之德大則人之業。

The sky is high above and the earth is under people’s feet, and the position of heaven and earth is determined. In the list of what is under people’s feet and what is above, people’s thoughts, the status of things are inferior. Movement and stillness are regular, and masculinity and femininity are clearly separated.

All kinds of things are gathered according to categories, and all things are divided into different groups according to categories, and good luck and evil are also produced. Those in the sky (sun, moon and stars) show their images, those on the ground (mountains, swamps and trees) show their forms, and the changes (of all things in the world) are reflected.

Therefore, masculinity and femininity rub against each other forming the Eight Trigrams, and the Eight Trigrams impact and change each other. All things in the world rely on the agitation of thunder to produce, and rely on the nourishment of wind and rain (to grow ). Those who follow the way of heaven become men, and those who follow the way of the earth become women. The Tao of Heaven is in charge of the primordial opportunity of all life, and the Tao of Earth plays a role to make all things come into being.

The way of heaven is in charge of everything by means of change, and the way of earth achieves things by virtue of simplicity. It is easy for people to master by knowing the law of change, and it is easy for people to follow it by means of simple expression.

Easy to grasp can be understood and approached, easy to follow can be used to build a business. To be understood and close to you can last long, and to build a business can be even grander. Being able to be long is the character that a virtuous person should have, and being able to be grand is the career that a virtuous person should build.

If you can understand the law of change (of all things) and the simple way of expression, the principles of the world can be grasped; if you master the principles of the world, the opportunity for success is contained in it.

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