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From the first days of the war, there were reports of Chechen servicemen, the so-called Kadyrovites , taking part in the war in Ukraine.

According to preliminary data, in the war against Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces attracts about 200,000 Russian servicemen, and perhaps the “worst” role in it is given to the “mighty” soldiers of Ramzan Kadyrov .

Why are the fighters from the banks of the Terek given such an important role by the Putin regime? A little immersed in history, namely in the mid-90s, we see that during the first Chechen war, the current “dressed general” took part in hostilities against federal troops.

Quickly orienting himself during the second Chechen campaign, he, along with his father Akhmat Kadyrov , “changed his shoes” and sided with Russia. After the assassination of his father – in May 2004, with the help of journalists, Ramzan ‘s personality and significance swelled exponentially – Putin relied on him.

In fact, he is none other than Putin’s slave and six, as he himself told Newsweek : “I want Putin to be president for life. I love him as a man can love a man. Those who criticize him are not people, they are my personal enemies. As long as Putin supports me, I can do anything – Allah Akbar !

Today, he is already the main ideologue of all of Chechnya, Tik Tok and Instagram blogger – actively promotes his identity in this “special operation” under the guise of slogans about the cleansing of Ukraine from the “devils – Bandera”.

It is obvious that Putin is holding Kadyrov to perform certain tasks and is using his image as one of the ways to intimidate. Putin had long harbored a plan to take Ukraine, and it was Kadyrov who played not the least role in carrying out this plan . The Kremlin has turned his idol, his personal army, into a goal of intimidation, other than explaining Chechnya’s 100,000-strong army, which is smaller than the Donetsk region, or the election results, where it receives more votes than turnout .

The Kremlin media often speculates that the Kadyrovites are Chechens who know how to fight. Indeed, it is known that many of Kadyrov ‘s entourage , like himself, are former militants who have sided with Russia and have experience of participating in combat operations. However, the characteristic point is that the Chechens who are lined up in the squares – the vast majority are employees of the FSB or the Ministry of Defense. True, they speak Chechen, but they have no intention of defending their homeland, language or religion. They do not know what it means to fight not for a salary, but for their family and homeland. The Rosguards , who are occasionally pathetically lined up in Grozny, are a regular show, a picture directed by the Kremlin. In simple words, Kadyrov and his guard are a scarecrow, a tool of intimidation used by the Kremlin. Chechen brand, Chechen factor: if you don’t want to be kind, I will send you Chechens are nothing but an image of a ” monster created by the authorities” who can do anything “.

Undercover and with the support of the authorities, the Kadyrovites committed atrocities and crimes for many years , and unfortunately they did not escape Ukraine. This is ordinary banditry, encouraged by the authorities to create an image of force. Another example of this is Kadyrov ‘s statement today in his telegram channel about Zelensky and the guarantee of his shelter in the Chechen Republic in the event of capitulation and the laying down of arms. Sooner or later, this soap bubble will burst and the myth of Kadyrov’s power will be debunked.

Another thing is Chechen volunteers, Ichkerians in the battalions named after Dzhokhar Dudayev and Sheikh Mansur , who have been fighting against pro-Russian separatists and Russian mercenaries in Donbass since 2014. These Chechens came there not for money and not for a salary, but for an idea. They are romantics fighting for justice.

Chechens are good and real when they stand for independence and their loved ones or for the idea of justice they believe in. The Rosguardians from Grozny Square do not believe in any of these ideas. In fact, under the guise of the Qur’an, the Kadyrovites are just one of the pawns Putin in the war against Ukraine.

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