The Power of Heart (Meditation)

Zen cultivation is not just about cultivating individuals. It is also the heart that is not broad enough. If the heart is broader, the achievement will be greater. (The 85th generation Zen Master Wujie Miaotian)

A broad heart particularly includes tolerance for people. A person who can achieve great things, he has all kinds of talents under him, and even when some people will scold him after others, he can bear it. This kind of person has a great heart. Like the sea and the starry sky, he can accommodate all forces to grow in him and achieve his career together.

Let’s look at Chinese history, a very prosperous dynasty, the emperor’s pattern is very broad, there were all kinds of people under him: there were traitors, loyal ministers, warriors, there were also many strange people, all kinds of people could find their own position, could serve him. In the TV series “The Rule of Zhenguan”, it is mentioned that many hungry people came to Chang’an to beg for food because of the lack of income. Those who rebelled were masquerading as civilians.

Tang Taizong asked the minister to use a strategy to evacuate all the really hungry people out of the city: put food along the way, close to the city gate 10 meters away, the rice grains in the porridge so thin that you could see the rice grains in the 20 meters The place is a little thicker, and it was all rice when it reached 200 meters away. So the hungry people ran far away in order to eat. At this time, there were still some beggars walking around the city.

Tang Taizong did not want to use the army to subdue them, but to persuade their leaders. The leader wanted to kill him, but Tang Taizong said that it was time for retribution. The leader was so convinced by him that he had been the most capable bodyguard around Tang Taizong ever since. Later, when Tang Taizong was threatened several times, this person was the first to jump out to defend him.

What kind of human realm do you say this is? There is a story. The emperor and ministers were in a meeting, and the conclusions reached by everyone in the discussion were not as subtle as the emperor’s. After the meeting, the emperor sighed, and the advisor asked him, “Your Majesty, today’s meeting went well, why are you sighing?” The emperor said: “I look at so many people, but there is no one who can surpass me in ability, knowledge and thinking. If I can’t surpass me, I can’t give me pointers, then there will be problems, because my thinking and knowledge are not the highest and farthest. “.

Look at what kind of heart this is? He hoped that the people around him are better than him, and he hoped that the suggestions made by the people around him can surpass him. His ideal was really to make his career reach a higher level, and he hoped that more capable people would join him in completing this great life mission. This sense of mission is definitely not about making money, but for realizing a more brilliant future. It is very difficult for a person who cannot reflect on himself, a person without lofty aspirations, to reach such heights.

With a broadened heart, all the mountains, rivers, the earth, the flying and submerged animals and plants in the universe are all within the Dao, and they are all manifestations of its Power.