Open Mind Simple Life

If a person has a small worldview structure, it is difficult for him to achieve great things. If you only look at the one-acre and three-point land in front of you, only care about your own interests and gains and losses, and only care about your own income and contributions, it means that your situation is very small. If the pattern is small, your field of vision is small; if the field of vision is small, the area of ​​concern is small; the area of ​​concern is small, the foundation is shallow, and a slight disturbance will make you unbearable.

Your vision planning for the enterprise, the positioning and thinking of life, you can’t stand on the trend of the times and consider it. If you can’t stand from the perspective of the world, you can’t see the height of your homeland; if you don’t stand from the perspective of homeland, you can hardly see the height of of its 1 city.

Get the full picture of your own business. In today’s society, the economy is interlinked. You see, the failure of a bank in the United States may affect the entire world. What is the point here? Information and associations. Every industry is related to each other, which is the “dharma of karma” in Chan. The emergence of each thing inevitably affects the development of other things.

Two more wings of a butterfly in Florida can cause a storm in the Amazon rainforest. As the helm of an enterprise, you must look at the problem in a big way. Don’t think that the soybean price has gone up today, it has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t matter how, this world affects the whole body, we just have to stand at the height of the world and look at the development of everything. From this kind of broad thinking, you will correctly understand the problems faced by your business development. Therefore, as a leader, you must cultivate your own mind, have a visionary realm, and have the idea of ​​​​building leadership, so that you can always stand at the top of the development of things and look at problems.