Be Aware of Zen Every Day (Meditation)

Meditation should become as natural as eating and sleeping, and you should be able to observe and cultivate yourself every day.

For example, if you haven’t done a certain thing well today, and you can’t think of a good way, you can put it down first, sit down and cross your legs, and then relax your whole body. The answer that you couldn’t think of before will emerge in sitting meditation. I have a deep feeling about this.

If there is a person that makes you very angry when you think about it, then you should sit down, visualize this person as the enlightenment in your heart, regard him as you think about his compassion, and think that he is coming here to make you. When you think about it like this, your hatred, complaining, and irritable heart will disappear, and you will be able to calm down and feel comfortable in body and mind.

If your team has a lot of problems today, don’t be bothered by the problems at this time. You should calm down and tell yourself to settle down, relax, let go, and then find the point of problem solving with a peaceful mind. When we are restless, we have no wisdom. In Zen, it is called “a single thought of hatred will open a million doors of obstacles.” All kinds of obstacles will trouble you. If one thought is pure, the million barrier doors will not be obstacles.

Meditation is not something that Master can do with teaching and meeting. Master can only teach you the most basic meditation methods, how to relax your body and how to regulate your breathing. There are only these simple things. If you really want to benefit, you still have to rely on yourself to reflect from the inside, to awaken, and to sublimate yourself. When we reach a certain state, we will find that the shackles that have plagued our body and mind are suddenly released, and life begins to undergo earth-shaking changes.

Many people will often contact us after they go back, saying that they have changed a lot, just like a window has suddenly opened up in their life, and they have experienced real happiness. People who don’t understand what it feels like to have a pure body and mind, now enjoying it. Only when we change our concept and let go of all the things we were attached to and hindered, can we get the harmony of our body and mind.

How wide the heart can expand, how high the cognition can be raised, and how big the wisdom can become. Now, everyone has such a special karma to share this gift from the heavens to us, so I hope everyone will cherish this insight and let it guide our new life.