Chained With Voidness (Zen Meditation)

Meditation is very simple, it is to constantly observe every thought that arises in one’s mind, to see if it is happy, positive, or altruistic.  If it is, we must protect it; if it is negative, decadent, dark, and defiled thoughts, we must sweep them away. 

Meditation is to help us eliminate anxiety, fear, and anxiety, so that we can sleep peacefully in the middle of the night, make our body and mind harmonious, make us happy and natural, and let us sweep away the bad things.  So meditation is like sweeping the trash, sweeping away the trash of our minds.  When our mind is purified, our body relaxes and we can begin to enjoy a peaceful and joyful life.  Let us start to cultivate our own thoughts, and slowly we will find that there are fewer and fewer things that are not in harmony with our body and mind. 
 Every day, no matter what you are doing, do it well, even if it is a job you don’t like, you must face it with joy.  In fact, everything is a change of mind. 

Through meditation, you will switch negative things into positive things, unhappy things into joy, and defilements into pure things, and your body and mind will be in harmony. 
 “Heart Sutra” says that “Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, when practicing deep prajna-paramita, had his five aggregates empty”, so when we realize emptiness, we can gain freedom, and nothing will hinder us at that time. According to Chan legend after the founding of the state by Zhu Yuanzhang in the Ming Dynasty, he gave Zen Master Jin Bifeng, the abbot of Bishan Temple in Wutai Mountain, a purple-gold bowl, which was very precious , the Zen master liked it very much.  When Zen Master Shouyuan was about to run out, the King of Hell sent a little devil to catch him, but Zen Master’s concentration was very good, so the little devil couldn’t find him anywhere.  The little ghost asked where is the Zen Master Jin Bifeng, the Bodhisattva Jianzhai?  The Bodhisattva told to sit in meditation in the room.  The kid said how could he not find it.  The Bodhisattva taught the little devil a way: the Zen master loves the purple-gold bowl, and ringing it can distract the Zen master. 

Sure enough, the Zen master had a thought when he heard the sound, and as soon as the thought moved, the ghost of impermanence saw it, and the Zen master was bound by iron chains.  The Zen master said to the little ghost: “Please tell the King of Hell, come back to me in seven days, and I will go with you after I have arranged things.” The impermanent ghost listened to his words and let him go.  After the ghost of impermanence left, the Zen master immediately smashed the purple-gold bowl, no longer cared about things, and made great efforts for seven days and seven nights.  When the ghost of impermanence came to look for Zen Master Jin Bifeng, he didn’t see Zen Master Shen, but saw a few words left by the Zen Master on the wall: “If you want to catch me Jin Bifeng, you must lock me in the void; if you can lock me in the void, come catch me Jin Bifeng again. 

This story tells us that craving, clinging, and obstructing anything in the world will cause troubles, so we can’t get rid of life and death, and we can’t get ultimate happiness.

Covetousness will make us its slaves. If we can understand these things  Essence, if we can let go of them, we can stand in a state of transcendence and face everything. The emptiness that Zen talks about is not for us not to do things, but to do them with more heart. Just like pulling weeds today  , I was sweating all over my body and my hands were blistered, but when I was pulling weeds, I felt the process, the process of doing it myself. My feeling was good, and I didn’t feel any fatigue or slack in my heart. 

A business executive should do his best.  We will try our best to make every employee well-fed and happy to work. Everyone should have such a sense of responsibility and take up their own mission, which requires us to do everything we can. Therefore,  When we truly integrate emptiness into our life and work, we will be able to take on our own responsibility with a very joyful and open heart, and we will accomplish things very well.  When you have a calm and open heart, then you will do well. 

In fact, the completion of anything is a process, many companies only require results, but they do not know that grasping the process is the first, because good result must be a good process. If you focus on the process, the results may be beyond your imagination. We often have a hard time doing this because habits, obstacles and experience with things make it difficult for us to let go.  In order to achieve physical and mental harmony, the first thing we must break is our notions and views on things. Meditation can help us liberate such a deep-seated obsession, and let us learn to understand it in a correct way  and thinking.

Our bodies are constantly changing every moment, from the moment we quack, we know that we will face death at last; this stool begins to destroy from the moment of its formation; now we gather together, wait a while  to spread out to different places.  These are all telling us that everything is impermanent, and we need to understand it correctly. 

When we can’t see the ultimate side in our hearts, we will be swayed by appearances.  Many familiar words, such as the sea withered and the stone rotten, the longevity of life is boundless, is it possible?  These are just an expectation and a hope in our hearts.  Since these are impossible, what can we gain by working hard?  So, instead of demanding eternity, you just need to create the fate that makes them last forever.  Many people often think that if I were to go back to 20 years ago, I would choose that way, live that way, and plan myself that way. This is a manifestation of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with life.  Now, now, right now, is the best, and all future results come from the present.  So what we have to do is to seize the present and cherish the present.  We are all on the road to aging and death, and we will all be too old to move, but you have to remember: today, now, this moment is the youngest and most beautiful moment in our life, don’t waste it.  If you don’t cherish the present, but just blindly brood over the past and fear the future, then you can only live in pain.  

In fact, 90% of our fears won’t happen, and there’s a lot of wiggle room for that 10%, but we don’t know that.  When we understand, let go, and understand, then all the troubles can be solved.  Because you already have wisdom and your mind has been at peace, you will definitely be able to consider the problem comprehensively and handle it properly.  This is called stillness giving birth to wisdom, which is why we need to meditate to calm down our impetuous mind, so that we can gain infinite wisdom and decision-making power.

 Others ask me to leave a message. If my heart is like an unstained sky at that moment, my inspiration will spring; if my heart is cloudy at that moment, then I can’t remember anything.  At first I didn’t know the reason, but then I finally understood a truth: when our heart is clean, our thinking will feel revitalizing.