Russian Military Ordered to Kill Ukrainians – Russian Diplomats

Suffering a complete tactical defeat in the war with Ukraine, Russian troops take out their anger on civilians and apply the traditional Russian “scorched earth” tactics, destroying civilian objects and the population.

This is reported by Nowiny Polskie .

In particular, Russian diplomats who disagree with Putin’s policy and are loyal to Ukraine, located in one of the countries of Europe, indicate that the Russian army received an order to deliberately provoke humanitarian crises in Ukrainian settlements and commit war crimes against civilian objects and civilians.

The purpose of such actions is both banal intimidation and the creation of an informational background for the Russian media and the Russian Foreign Ministry in order to further form the image of “Russia saving the population of Ukraine,” the newspaper writes.

“To do this, Russian troops surround cities, provoke a food and humanitarian crisis, after which, in front of video cameras, they offer humanitarian assistance to local residents and shoot other propaganda videos,” Nowiny Polskie reports.

In addition, this week the Russian armed forces purposefully destroyed 60 residential buildings in the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine and received a direct order to periodically fire to kill the civilian population.

The publication emphasizes that every day of the war in Ukraine brings more and more deaths. The largest geopolitical and humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding.

Meanwhile, “Putin, confident in his impunity, is simply wiping Ukraine off the face of the earth.”

Recall that on the morning of February 24, the troops of the Russian Federation, on the orders of Vladimir Putin, launched a new invasion of Ukraine in several directions at once. However, the blitzkrieg did not take place and the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to contain the enemy, having destroyed more than 12 thousand, 374 tanks, 1226 armored vehicles, 140 artillery systems, 34 air defense systems, 62 MLRS, 60 fuel tanks, 7 UAVs, 3 ships, 74 military aircraft since the beginning of the offensive. and 86 helicopters, 585 military vehicles. As a result, Russian troops began to bombard and shell residential areas in order to sow panic and intimidate Ukrainians.

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