Meditation is My Great Rest (Coaching Program For Females)

In today’s era, information is developing rapidly and vigorously. It is a powerful driving force that drives people to follow it. The organs and cells of our body move with information, and we have no defense ability to choose information. We don’t know how to chase information. When you are chasing information, you find that you can never catch up with information, which makes you very tired and old quickly. Information puts a lot of pressure on you, just like performance. Now performance management is time management. You have to race against time, but how can people race against time? So stress, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. will follow.

The biggest problem in this era is that the mind can’t be free, people can’t settle down, and the mind can’t settle down. At this time, depression and manic-depression are prone to occur. Through meditation, we can get rid of depression and bipolar disorder, let the mind settle down, the body and mind settle down, not to follow the information, but to return to yourself, you are not the information, you are you So you have to rely on meditation. Meditation is to find your heart back to belong to you.

So, meditation is a big break!
Our minds are busy, and there is no real rest. In meditation, we can slowly see the flow of our thoughts and let us return to ourselves. Only when we return to our own minds can we truly have a great rest!

What are the forms of meditation?

By now we all know that meditation is good for you. It gives you more inner peace, helps you process emotions and process thoughts. Meditation also helps us as martial artists to practice to keep calm while sparring and to get our heart rate back down after an intense workout.

But you will probably ask yourself: which forms of meditation do I like best and suit me best. Below we give you 8 popular forms of meditation. 

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about accepting your stream of thoughts and the here and now. You should try during meditation to let your thoughts run their course and then try to separate them in order to process them. With this method it is important that you are aware of your breathing, but do not try to make adjustments to it.

2. Zazen

Zazen is the Japanese form of meditation where people meditate while sitting. In contemporary terminology this is sometimes called ‘just seating’. This minimalist meditation can be practiced without preparation and training and is often practiced for long periods of time without interruption. All that matters is sitting up straight with your eyes closed and focusing on a particular thought on a Buddhist text or (other) train of thought. The Zazen meditation does not focus on following and/or adjusting the breath. This form of meditation is also regularly used in our taekwon-do and karate classes.

3. Transcendental Meditation

In TM you sit straight in lotus position and use a mantra during the practice. That is a sacred word that you keep repeating. The idea behind this is that you can temporarily transcend the daily routine and be completely sucked into the moment. In the more advanced stages of TM practice, there is also a focus on breathing techniques and temporarily leaving your body. 

4. Kundalini

Kundalini is another form of meditation based on Vedanta. The aim of this form of meditation is to become aware of the positive, upward flow of life energy and to apply it in the long run to transcend the body. The practitioner of this form actively focuses on the energy flowing through his body and tries to become more and more aware of the breath. 

5. Qi

Qi is a form of Taoist meditation in which breathing plays an important role. Your breath contributes to the circulation of energy throughout the body and helps achieve an oval pattern called the microcosmic orbit. Qi or chi is the name for the circulation of energy. There are three focus points in Qi meditation that specifically target certain areas of your body. These are the following spots: an inch above your belly button, the center of your chest, and the center of your forehead.

6. Guided visualisation

Guided visualization is a popular form of meditation that focuses on an image, whether it is fictional or real. This meditation is often practiced in combination with listening to calming music. Sometimes breathing is also taken into account, but this is not a regular part of this form of meditation. Because a lot of attention is focused on the representation of a picture or visual setting, this meditation is seen as controlled from the outside instead of by your subconscious. This fits in well with the experience and wishes of people who do not yet have much experience with meditation.

7. Trance Focused Meditation

This form of meditation aims to get the practitioner into a trance. The hallmarks of such a trance are limited awareness of environment and mind, where rational thinking and memories are largely impossible. Users of this method often use drugs or exhale quickly to accelerate into a trance. Although some experience this as spiritual, there is little spiritual about this form of meditation/trance.

8. Heart Rhythm Meditation

Heart rhythm meditation, as the name suggests, focuses on the rhythm of the heartbeat and breathing. The heart is seen as the center of the energetic system. You try to link your consciousness to these important energy systems to achieve inner peace and gain more control over the manifestation of stress and bodily functions. We also regularly use the form of meditation during our classes, both in traditional and modern martial arts.

It’s time to find peace. And no matter how carefully we try to overload ourselves with an abundance of information and a sea of ​​personal goals and missions, at certain periods of our life our body (body, mind, heart and soul) needs complete peace surrounded by nature and the warmth of human hearts. Today you have the opportunity to restore the inner dialogue of peace and balance with yourself. Let’s talk and walk this path together, accompanied by an oriental life coach. Perhaps after that you will say thank you for everything that happened to you before, maybe you will gain faith in yourself, get married or get pregnant, realize your dream by going on a journey of life or find a way to resolve conflicts with people close to you. I’m waiting for you just the way you are.