Russia is preparing to carry out a terrorist attack in the exclusion zone, blaming Ukraine for this

Given the current military-political situation in Ukraine, there are signs that the Russian Federation is preparing a provocation in the form of a terrorist attack on the facilities of the occupied exclusion zone with further accusation of the Ukrainian authorities.

In particular, this is evidenced by the reports on Minsk TV about the need for iodine prophylaxis for the Belarusian population, as if in connection with the preparation of a terrorist attack by Kyiv at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, the arrival of the RCBZ troops in the Exclusion Zone and Moscow justifying its actions by searching for components of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine.

Given the information regarding the Chernobyl terrorist attack, received, including from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, there is a high probability that the Russian Federation will implement a scenario to search for a “dirty bomb” in the territory of the Chornobyl facilities planted by Ukrainian nationalists in recent days. The search by the Russian troops will consist in examining the materials of the canisters of the fuel collectors, which are best suited for the so-called. “doll” and defining it as a “dirty bomb”.

Most likely, the legend will stick that during the search they found something suspicious in one of the canisters, but it was not possible to find out for sure, including due to the loss of cooling for the storage of spent nuclear fuel. Therefore, the main emphasis will be on the fact that the found suspicious objects have heated up, or when the RCBZ troops tried to investigate, there was an explosion in which Russian military specialists died.

The Russian Federation will immediately accuse the “Ukronazis” of hiding a “dirty bomb” and mined the place to cover their tracks. The explosion itself will be carried out by specialists from the Russian Federation. Approximate period of “act of terrorism” – after partial heating of the assembly in the holding pools and raising the temperature close to the upper operational maximum.

According to preliminary data, the Russian Federation does not need a powerful explosion. Most likely, they are already engaged in setting the necessary picture. This may be the explosion of one containing case and the placement of several damaged containing cases side by side without collections. In the cooling pool, the blast wave will die out, and the “domino” effect will not occur, which is what is calculated for.

As a result of such actions, there will be a fact of releases of nuclear material according to the isotopic composition of Ukrainian origin. There is a high probability that for the assistance of the Russian lobby in the IAEA, an international organization will confirm the fact of the terrorist attack, and the Russian Federation will then conduct its next information campaign to justify its actions in Ukraine.

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