The Closed Sky Would Save Thousands of Ukrainian Lives

NATO is wasting precious time.

At first we waited for Germany to wake up with its Nord Stream-2. We also smiled and thanked for the 5,000 helmets they sent us on the eve of the war, while our friends sent us weapons. Now we are waiting for NATO to wake up and close our skies. While living in yesterday’s world, where these arguments about nuclear war could seem reasonable. But now the world is changing hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. And NATO will wake up. But it may be too late. Not for us. Maybe we won’t care anymore. It will be too late for you, the world.

And don’t say we didn’t warn you:

If the sky is not closed to us, it will be closed to the entire planet.

These words are addressed to the citizens of Western countries in order to explain the critical circumstances that threaten each of them personally, regardless of which continent they live on.
Ever since Russian troops captured the radioactive nuclear waste of Chornobyl, since the moment of tank shelling, arson and the capture of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the whole world has turned into a war zone.

So far, the status of the Western world is the status of a hostage and a victim. Putin has been training politicians in your countries for twenty years through nuclear blackmail and cheap oil and gas. And these people convinced you that Georgia and Ukraine are secondary countries. Their fate will not affect you personally, no matter how tragic it may be.

Now is the time for you personally.

The war in Ukraine turned into the Third World War, the War of the Sixth Generation, the War of the New Generation, from the childhood of the seizure of nuclear facilities by people devoid of conscience, intelligence and critical thinking.

We warned you about such a possibility, about the Hitlerite mentality of modern Russia. But you called us “radicals” and accused us of “hate speech”. You also positively distinguished us for expressing our own national feelings.

Now this war is coming to you. It comes to you with its own language of hatred and thoughts of hatred, as all modern Russia was brought up on it. Several generations of Russian people hate you simply for being you. So you started to wake up and understand what was going on.

But because of the high culture of your peoples and your humanistic upbringing, you are not able to understand who you are dealing with in the face of Putin.

The Western world, which has been fighting for decades to limit nuclear energy and for a clean environment, has every chance of becoming the object of radioactive destruction on a global scale.

Putin is a mentally sick person, and this is no longer a metaphor, but an obvious fact for all experts. In the language of psychiatry, this is called “paranoid psychosis”, every psychiatrist will easily notice all the clinical signs. In this state, the dominant behavior of a person is maximum aggression towards the entire outside world, because the patient believes that he is threatened by the whole world. And he must attack first.

A man who openly declared that he continued Stalin’s policy and behaved like Hitler. Such a person has not stopped and will not stop before the total destruction of everything that does not fit into his picture of the world.

Ukraine will not submit to Putin under any circumstances. Then, if the Russian troops have to retreat, their crazy commander-in-chief will blow up our nuclear power plants.
And if the sky is not closed for us now, it will fall on your head. After, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Oleg Pokalchuk,
Military Psychologist

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