The 11th week of pregnancy – enlargement of breasts and mammary glands (SCHOOL OF REPRODUCTION & MOTHERHOOD)

The eleventh week of pregnancy is associated with the formation of the fetus’ genitals. Get acquainted with pregnancy tips week by week, eleventh week of pregnancy and weeks of pregnancy.

 In this article, we will examine the changes in your baby in the 11th week of pregnancy during the week of pregnancy , as well as the possible causes of pelvic pain and food boredom in you.

Your body is changing

Are there any visible changes in your appearance? If this is your first pregnancy, you will only feel a little heavy at this point, just like you would after a large meal. Eventually the uterus reaches the size of a grapefruit at this stage. At your next visit to your doctor, he or she will be able to touch and examine the top of the uterus with his or her hand.

Your growing baby in the 11th week of pregnancy

Did you know that your child is able to breathe underwater? It is doing this right now. In the tenth and eleventh weeks, the fetus begins to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid , which helps the lungs to grow and form in the fetus. Also this week, your freckles are more inclined to the sides of your head. Although the fetal head still looks distinctly disproportionate to the body (the head is larger than it should be), this disproportion will resolve as the fetus continues to grow in the womb.

Weekly pregnancy tips: Eleventh week of pregnancy

The hormones estrogen and progesterone in your body will soon cause the breasts and mammary glands to enlarge. In fact, it’s time to buy new bras. If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, we suggest you use maternity underwear. After your baby is born, you will need easy access to the breasts for breastfeeding, and in most cases you will have to use breastfeeding braces.

To-do list:

  • Use a moisturizer to protect the skin of your abdomen, buttocks and thighs to prevent dryness and itching that may be caused by stretching.
  • From the 11th week of pregnancy onwards, stay away from saunas, steam rooms, exercise in very hot weather, very hot water baths or anything that may raise your body temperature to a temperature above 38.9 Celsius.
  • Provide information about your first trimester of pregnancy to help your doctor with future tests.
  • At your doctor’s discretion, test for chromosomal abnormalities by performing a cervical vitreous ( NT ) test and placental villus sampling ( CVS ).
  • If possible, listen to your baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler ultrasound machine.

Take an inside look at the eleventh week of pregnancy

Fetal dimensions:

Length: 4 cm;

Weight: 7 grams.

Developmental stage: The chin and neck are forming. Facial features have become more pronounced. The baby’s corners are tilted upwards. What you see: Your future child is lying on his back with his head to the left of the image and his legs up. In this picture, you can see that his neck is growing. The fetal head is still more than half the size of the body, which is normal. The facial bones are recognizable as bright white patches.

Eleventh week of pregnancy in three dimensions

Fetal size: length 4 cm; Weight 7 grams.

Fetal developmental stage: The fingers and toes are now recognizable on the ultrasound image. The baby’s genitals are forming but cannot be detected on an ultrasound image. 

What you see in 3D: In this 3D image, the subtle features of the baby’s face are more pronounced. The muscles and bones of the baby’s arms and legs are growing. The umbilical cord has passed over the baby’s shoulder along the way. With a closer look, you can see the baby’s fingers and toes. If the image is live, you can see the fetus moving inside the uterus.

Inside story: Your baby is in the 11th week of pregnancy

From this point on, your child will have about ten minutes of sleep-wake cycles. Even if you cough, you may wake your child! Your future baby’s body and limbs are growing faster than your head, and the small fetus is becoming more and more like a small human. From the moment the fetus begins to test its muscles, most of its movement will be related to its arms and legs.

If your child is a girl, her ovaries are fully formed by this time, and if she is a boy, her testicles are fully formed. However, it is still too early to tell the sex of the baby from the ultrasound image. What else is happening? In the 11th week of pregnancy, your baby’s organs are reaching their final form and function. The lung tissue is fully formed, and even though your bloodstream is still delivering nutrients and oxygen to your baby, the fetal bloodstream is slowly becoming more active. At the same time, the fetal pancreas is producing insulin and starch, and its intestinal folds are preparing for when it will begin to digest food.

Your baby’s skin is getting thicker and duller by creating more layers. Its small hair follicles are forming under the scalp. His chin is tightening and the first buds of his teeth have formed. The baby’s vocal cords have also begun to form.

Your growing baby: Eleventh week of pregnancy

Last week, your baby went through the embryonic stage and became an embryo. Your future baby is becoming more and more like a complete baby. Your child’s nose is completing the details; His corners are moving backwards and his eyes are spaced apart. Although the lens and eyelids are formed in your baby, the eyes will be closed until the 27th week of pregnancy. The head is still very large in relation to the body of the fetus, in fact the head makes up half the distance from the crown to the buttocks ( CRL ). But do not worry, the situation is changing. Your baby will experience a sudden growth in the coming weeks.

In addition to other organs, the baby’s reproductive system is formed in the eleventh week of pregnancy. By the end of the week, a sex-selective penis will form in the fetus. While you are excited to know the sex of your baby, the ultrasound is not yet able to determine the sex of your future baby.

With a vivid image of your growing baby, you will be able to see the baby swinging, kicking during pregnancy , and all the movements it makes with its arms and legs. As the next layers of fetal skin form, the bones become stronger. Despite all these shocks, your future child is only 3.5 to 4 centimeters tall at this point and weighs 7 grams. You will not be able to feel its movements now, but as time goes on and the fetus gets bigger and stronger, you will be able to fully feel these movements.

Painful pelvis in pregnancy

Do you feel pain and discomfort in the pelvic area? This is a common ailment among pregnant mothers. Here’s what you need to know to control pain. Around the 11th week of pregnancy, you will feel pain and discomfort in the area between the navel and the groin. These pains are usually not a concern. As the uterus grows, the pelvic bones need to be moved to create enough space. This expansion occasionally causes discomfort. If this bothers you, two acetaminophen pills can solve the problem. Raising your legs at the end of the day can also help reduce discomfort. However, be sure to see your doctor if pelvic discomfort is accompanied by bleeding or is unbearably painful.

Words you need to know in the 11th week of pregnancy

Fetus: In the human developmental stage, the term is used to define a developing child, after the embryonic stage and before birth.

Excessive salivation: This is an unfamiliar part of pregnancy; In some women, saliva secretion increases sharply during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is probably due to nausea and morning sickness. Remember how saliva secretion increases before vomiting. There is no way to control this phenomenon except to be patient. This will go away by the end of the first trimester.